About Me – My Modern White Farmhouse

Welcome to My Modern White Farmhouse!

I’m Alli! My husband and I are empty nesters and we decided to finally stop the never-ending work on our old (not historic) home, take the plunge and build a new house – a modern white farmhouse. You’re invited to come along on this wild ride.

I’ll update the photo once spring arrives so that you can see the landscaping.

white exterior paint pure white on farmhouse

Decorating Trends Come and Go

At my age, I’ve lived through many decorating trends. For instance, I don’t care how trendy wallpaper is these days, I’ll never go back. Have you ever had to scrape layers of old wallpaper off the walls? I have!

I loved the light, bright and open-concept living way before it became so trendy. Now that the decorating trend is pushing dark room colors, I can’t do it. Been there. Done that.

I’ve had red dining room walls, dark green family room walls (I’ll never go back), and plenty of beige on beige. These days, I’m all about that white!

As I’ve watched decorating trends come, go and come back again, I’ve learned enough to know what I want and don’t want. My Modern White Farmhouse is not shabby chic. It’s not barn doors (although I love them!) or too much shiplap. It’s a little traditional, a little coastal, and a whole lot of casual.

What You’ll Find On This Website

I’ll be sharing updates on the new build, furnishing our new home, and finally, moving in. I’ll take you along with me as I pick out things like light fixtures and I’ll even show you how to pick the right size, etc. when it comes to lighting.

I’ve learned to decorate my home the same way I’ve learned to dress for my shape – by trial and error. These days, I know immediately what my style is whether it’s decorating my home or shopping for a new outfit.

When it comes to interior design, my mantra is, “It’s your house. Decorate it the way you want to.”

About Me

my family at the beach

I’ve been married to my honey for almost 41 years. We have five kids and five grandsons. I’m praying for a granddaughter to join the mix!

Grandsons are the spice of life! My husband and I take the grandkids for an action-packed trip to the beach every June, no parents allowed. We play mini-golf and swim every single day.

We live in the country on 10 acres (about 3 miles from our small town) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve lived in big cities and small towns and country life is my favorite life.

I love to cook and I share recipes and party tips on my An Alli Event site! I’d love for you to visit. I’ve been running my cooking website since the end of 2012.

I love God with my whole heart. My hobbies include spending time with my family, photography, traveling, reading, and blogging.