How To Find Modern Farmhouse Awnings For Windows

I simply love a good modern farmhouse design. Add modern farmhouse awnings and it’s a win-win! I’ve had several people ask about my awnings. If you’re in a building or remodeling phase, I hope this helps you too.

When I was looking for the perfect (to me) house plan, I fell in love with a plan based on the beautiful architectural style. One of my favorite elements is the modern farmhouse awnings over the exterior windows.

I soon realized how little I knew about modern farmhouse awnings. After much research, I now consider myself an expert – almost.

For me, curb appeal and exterior design are important aspects of the modern farmhouse style. I like clean lines inside and outside. And the window awnings were a must-have for me. It’s a great way to add architectural design to a modern farmhouse plan.

When I was shopping for a contractor I had a list of must-haves, including those awnings over the windows.

My contractor assured me that although he didn’t know anything about adding window awnings, he would find someone who did. That should have been my first clue to find another contractor. But that’s all water under the bridge.

We happened to be building our new home during Covid so prices went sky high. Prices kept going up and we went way over budget. Toward the end, we had to pay out of pocket for a lot of the work including painting, paving the driveway, cabinets, and awnings.

modern white farmhouse with gray awnings

What Is An Awning?

Awnings are roof-like structures that extend over a space (like a window or door) and offer shelter from rain, wind, or hail.

My Contractor Was No Help At All

Toward the middle/end of the project, the contractor stated that he wasn’t doing the awnings because we were over budget. So, if we wanted the awnings, it would be totally up to us. He knew that was a design element that I had insisted on.

The head of the framing crew added, “I wouldn’t add awnings. I think it will look too busy.”

One of the things I learned during this build is that my contractor would lie straight to my face. If the contractor or subs didn’t want to do anything, they would say it couldn’t be done or it was too expensive. Or it wouldn’t look right. They found out quickly that I was no dummy and I basically ended up being my own contractor. But that’s another story for another day.

Pro Tip: I know there are lots of amazing contractors out there, but they are not designers. Trust your own gut when it comes to the actual design.

On a positive note, they accidentally made the house a little bigger than it called for. Now that’s a happy accident.

The Hunt Is On For Modern Farmhouse Awnings

Interior design is a passion of mine, and exterior design is as well. When I tell you that I researched awnings for months, I’m not lying.

We live in a small town so the first thing we did was check with a local metal fabricating company. The price they quoted us was outrageous – about $75,000.00.

That was for eight windows plus the space over the two-car garage space. I knew there had to be a better way.

Our house plan called for window awnings on all of the main level windows in the front, one upstairs window and one on the side, an awning over the larger garage door, and a few of the windows in the back of the house.

I chose not to do the windows on the backside of the house and I’m perfectly happy with that decision. My reasoning: Most shutters are only on the front windows and awnings take the place of shutters.

The awnings on my house are not standard. I knew I wanted the awnings to be exactly like the blueprint of my house. I started researching companies that make awnings.

Finding The Perfect Awning Company To Work With

Even though I live in South Carolina I contacted awning companies all over the country. I couldn’t find anyone to make them like I wanted. Most companies just sold standard awnings. One company in Texas offered to build and ship the awnings but not to my exact specifications. Pass.

Finally, I found a company only 50 miles away in Charlotte, NC. The name of the company is Austin Canvas and Awning. After speaking with a representative over the phone, I sent over the blueprints, and within a few days, I had a quote.

Awnings aren’t cheap and the total price for five awnings was $23,537.00. This includes designing, installing, measuring, and everything else.

Before they made my standing seam metal awnings, one of their engineers met me at the new build, went over everything with me in person, and got the final approval.

I have to say that this awning company is a dream to work with. They did a great job! All of the awnings were installed in one day. Added bonus: They were very professional and cleaned up after themselves.

modern farmhouse close up photo of the porch and window awnings

The Finished Product – Metal Window Awnings

As you can see in the photo below, these are not standard awnings. I have some large windows and some are smaller.

Because I went with board and batten siding, they had to add a flat space behind the awnings (where they attach to the house) and paint it the same color (SW Pure White) as the house.

The color of my metal awnings is Graphite. These awnings will last for years with very little upkeep.

The company I went with does make standard awnings but mine had to be designed from the blueprints.

close up photo of modern farmhouse window awnings


There Are Many Types Of Exterior Window Awnings

I’m a big fan of natural light. I love the fact that exterior window awnings offer shade but don’t block the natural sunlight.

Residential awnings come in a wide range of styles, and fabric choices. Design features are versatile and can be unique to your specific requests.

You can choose a fabric awning, wood, or metal. You can even DIY your own awnings.

Awnings can be fixed or you can have retractable awnings. You can also find beautiful front door awnings.

Have you ever seen awning windows? These windows open up to look like an awning.

My friend in Florida has Bahama awnings. They are gorgeous and if I lived near the beach, that would be my choice as well.

If I had not finally found a company to design and install my awnings, my next step would have been wood awnings.

If you’re looking for standard metal awnings, they are much easier to find. But if you need more detailed awnings you’ll have to get them custom-made.

Benefits of Window Awnings

Window Awnings can reduce cooling costs. Window awnings reduce solar heat gain in the summer (up to 77%).

They can block UV damage from the sun and protect your furniture, rug, and artwork.

Awnings also add curb appeal. So whether you’re adding a decorative touch or want shelter from the rain, there’s sure to be a type of awning that you will love.

P.S. – Hopefully, your contractor includes the cost of the awnings in the quote for building your custom home. If not, make sure you budget for them. I don’t think my house would be as pretty without them.

If you have any comments or questions, drop a comment and I’ll reply ASAP.






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  1. Can you just order the suspension rods for the awnings? We already have the dormers built onto our house but would like to add the rods for decoration. Thanks