Best Swivel Chairs For Living Room: Accent Chairs

Swivel chairs have become the favorite accent chairs for living rooms across the globe, combining comfort with functionality to offer a seating solution that’s both cozy and versatile. Don’t you just love a pretty swivel? Today I’m sharing the best swivel chairs for your living room (or anywhere you want to amp up your decor!)

Imagine being able to effortlessly turn towards the TV, pivot to join a conversation, or simply swivel back to enjoy the tranquility of your living space – all from the same spot.

Once you add a swivel accent chair to your family room, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. I love mine. It’s a great option to consider because it also rocks and reclines. (Keep reading. I included the link down below!)

Choosing the right swivel chair for your living room isn’t just about picking a comfortable place to sit; it’s also about enhancing the room’s ambiance and functionality.

With a variety of designs, from modern minimalist to plush classics to a barrel chair, there’s a swivel chair to fit every decor style.

Think about what features matter the most to you. You’ll have to choose the right material, size, and additional functions to make sure your swivel chair not only complements your living room but also meets your everyday needs.

My Swivel Rocker Recliners

We have two swivel recliners in my living room and we do love them. When we first moved into our new home, I was searching for recliners that were not ugly. Yes, click that link because I wrote an entire post about it.

I promised my husband that I’d incorporate recliners in our new build. I didn’t want anything screaming, “I’m an ugly recliner.” And I think I found the best recliners that are not ugly.

I’ve also got my eye on these recliners from Arhaus. They are gorgeous but they don’t swivel so I’ll pass for now. Plus, they are pretty pricy. Maybe one day when they go on sale . . .

I tried to find photos of my recliners and I finally found a photo I had taken of the back of them. This was right after we moved into our new home. The side table between the two swivel recliners came from Wayfair.

living room featuring swivel chairs that recline

The photo below is of the front of my recliner swivel rocking chairs and my sweet daddy. He recently turned 90 years old. And he came to visit from GA when we first moved into the house. I didn’t have any artwork on the walls yet.

My dad visited us for two precious weeks and claimed this swivel recliner as his own while he was with us. He thought it was very comfortable.

A little bit about my dad: When he retired from Robins Air Force Base, He started baking and his Sour Cream Pound Cake is well known in my hometown. It’s now well-known to many because I shared the recipe here! It’s a keeper!

I know I’m way off the subject of swivel chairs, but when it comes to my sweeet dad, I could write about him for days.

my sweet daddy in my rocker recliner

Selecting the Ideal Swivel Chair for Your Living Room

When searching for the perfect swivel chair, consider the mechanism’s functionality, the chair’s fit within your space, and how the style complements your existing decor.

I cannot say it enough. Always measure your space!

Understanding Swivel Chair Mechanisms

Swivel chairs rotate on a central axis, offering ease of movement. Mechanisms vary with options like a traditional swivel, allowing full 360-degree rotation, and swivel-tilt, which adds a recline feature. Ensure the mechanism is smooth and stable for optimal comfort and durability.

I don’t like to be able to see much of the swivel base of the chair. If you’re like me, pay close attention to that detail.

Evaluating Room Size and Layout

Before purchasing a swivel chair, measure your room’s dimensions and consider the layout. I like to use painter’s tape to tape off the dimensions of the chair or piece of furniture so I know it will fit before I make the purchase.

If you need smaller swivel chairs, you can find plenty. Since swivel chairs come in all shapes and sizes, there’s sure to be the perfect chair for your small space.

Use this table to guide your selection:

Room Size Chair Size Placement Tip
Small Compact Away from hallways
Medium Medium Can double as a conversation piece
Large Larger, statement Multiple chairs can create a cozy area


Your chair should fit comfortably in the space without obstructing pathways or overwhelming the room.

Considering Your Decor Style

Choose a swivel chair that reflects your style and complements your living room’s aesthetics are important design elements.

For a modern look, seek out sleek, clean lines, and minimalistic designs.

If your room has a more traditional vibe, look for a chair with classic lines and richer textures. Consider the materials and colors that will best match your space, ensuring your new chair enhances your living room’s overall feel.

Top Features to Consider in Swivel Chairs

When selecting a swivel chair for your living room, consider the features that will ensure longevity and comfort, and that the chair fits seamlessly into your space.

Material Quality and Durability

Your swivel chair should be built to last, so examine the upholstery and construction materials closely. Look for high-grade fabrics like leather or heavy-duty cotton that are more resistant to wear and tear.

Linen is also a good choice. It’s crafted from strong natural flax, which makes it very durable. Linen is moisture-resistant and resists pilling and fading. It also ages remarkably well.

A solid wood frame or a metal frame offers greater durability and stability.

Comfort Reigns When It Comes To Swivel Features

Comfort is paramount in a swivel chair. If it’s not comfortable, no one will want to sit in the chair.

You need to decide on the seat height, arm height, and the height of the back. Also, pay attention to the seat width and the seat depth.

Trust me, swivel features matter. My husband doesn’t want a chair or sofa without a high back.

Swivel Base Types

There are mainly two types of swivel bases: ball-bearing and memory return.

Ball-bearing bases allow for smoother and more effortless rotation. Memory return bases swivel back to the original position after you stand up, helping to maintain a neat, orderly look in your living space.

When it comes to the best swivel feature, you want a sturdy base.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

The design of your swivel armchair should complement your living room. You have a range of styles from modern to traditional. Colors and patterns should harmonize with your existing décor.

Balancing aesthetics with function ensures your chair won’t just be a comfortable seating option but also an integral part of your room’s design.

The Best Swivel Chairs on the Market

When selecting the perfect swivel chair for your living room, you’ll want to consider comfort, style, and price point. Here are the top picks to help guide your choice.

Luxury Picks

If you’re looking for high-end comfort and style, explore chairs like the Kipton Leather Swivel Chair from Arhaus. Its iconic design and leather upholstery provide both luxury and comfort. It also offers customizable finishes and plush seating.

Another opulent choice could be the Hughes Swivel Chair in Caramel Leather from One Kings Lane.

Budget-Friendly Choices

For affordability without sacrificing quality, consider this swivel accent chair from Wayfair. This swivel barrel chair is also a great pick, offering a clean design with various color options, making it a versatile addition to any living room.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

I always read customer reviews before purchasing furniture, especially online purchases. Then I weigh the good and the bad. If a large majority of the reviews are bad, I keep hunting for the perfect chair.

Swivel Chair Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance extends the life and beauty of your swivel chair. Here are practical tips to keep your chair in top condition.

Cleaning and Care

Your swivel chair’s upholstery needs regular cleaning to prevent dust and dirt buildup. For fabric upholstery, use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove surface dust. Treat spots and spills immediately with a cleaner appropriate for the fabric.

For leather surfaces, you should dust with a soft cloth and use a specialized leather cleaner for stains.

  • Weekly Care: Vacuum surfaces and crevices.
  • Spill Management: Blot spills, don’t rub, using a clean, dry cloth.

Deep Clean: Schedule a yearly deep clean with appropriate cleaning agents.

Long-Term Usage

To ensure your swivel chair ages gracefully, avoid direct sunlight as it may fade the upholstery over time.

Rotate your chair periodically to ensure even wear, and regularly check the tightness of screws and bolts to prevent wobbling.

Warranty and Repairs

Keep your warranty information in an easily accessible place. If you encounter a problem with your chair, refer to the warranty details to understand what repairs and replacements are covered.

  • Warranty Information: Store your documents safely.
  • Issue Documentation: Take photos and note down issues, should they arise, to facilitate warranty use.

Styling Your Living Room with a Swivel Chair

A swivel side chair can add both comfort and versatility to your living room setup, making it an inviting place to spend time with family and friends. Or, you may want to just curl up with a good book and plan the perfect cozy reading nook. For me, a living room swivel chair is all about comfort.

Accessorizing Your Swivel Chair

To enhance the look and feel of your swivel chair, consider adding throw pillows for a pop of color and extra comfort. Choose pillows that complement the chair’s fabric and bring out the tones of your living room palette.

A soft throw blanket draped over the back provides warmth on chilly evenings and adds a touch of coziness.

Pairing with Other Furniture

When selecting other furniture pieces, look for harmony in design and shape. For example, if your swivel chair has a modern look, pair it with a sleek coffee table or streamlined sofa.

On the other hand, a classic wooden side table can balance a more traditional chair. Strategically place your chair to facilitate conversation without blocking the flow of the room.

Creating a Cohesive Look

A cohesive living room look can be achieved by coordinating the colors and materials of your swivel chair with other elements in the room. If your chair has leather upholstery, echo that material in other furniture or accessories like leather-bound books or a leather ottoman.

For fabric chairs, consider matching drapes or a rug that shares a similar texture or pattern to tie the space together seamlessly.

I like the look of leather swivel chairs paired with a fabric sofa. The different textures complement the overall look and feel of the room.

Making an Informed Purchase

When you’re in the market for a swivel chair for your living room, knowing where to shop, how to compare prices, and understanding the return policies and guarantees can save you both time and money.

Where to Buy Swivel Chairs

I have found some of the best deals online. Yes, it can be risky, but if you do your homework, you can find the best home furnishings online.

To find the perfect swivel chair, you have multiple options. Local furniture stores often offer a chance to experience the chair’s comfort and quality firsthand.

Online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Overstock provide a wide variety, with detailed reviews and ratings to help guide your decision.

Some chairs even come with a matching ottoman.

Price Comparison

While shopping, compare the prices of swivel chairs by creating a simple chart. Here is an example below:

Retailer Model Price Warranty
Local Store Brand A $299 2 years
Amazon Brand B $349 1 year
Wayfair Brand C $279 3 years
Overstock Brand D $319 2 years

I like to keep all of this information on my phone so that I can compare prices, etc.

Keep an eye out for sales or discounts, especially during holiday seasons or special promotions.

Return Policies and Guarantees

Before making a purchase, review the retailer’s return policy. Most stores offer a 30-day return period, but it can vary. Online purchases might also be subjected to return shipping fees. As for guarantees, look for offers such as:

    • Money-back guarantees if you’re not satisfied,
    • Warranty periods, which can range from 1-5 years
    • Free or discounted repairs.

Always read the fine print to ensure you’re protected in case your new swivel chair doesn’t meet your expectations.

Best Swivel Chairs

The best swivel chair is the one you love! We all have different tastes and styles. From modern swivel chairs to barrel chairs to traditional. There are so many great options to choose from.

Below are all my favorite swivel chairs. I’ve also included my favorite recliner swivel chairs. All you have to do is click on the photos for more information.

Happy Swivel Chair Hunting!

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Which swivel chair is your favorite? And, a reminder: You must try my dad’s sour cream pound cake. It gets rave reviews.

P.S. You can tell I haven’t posted in a while because this one is unusually long. Sorry! However, I do like to go into detail and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Plus, I like to add all the links you need so you can shop straight from this post.

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