Best Farmhouse Vanity Lights

Today, I’m sharing all the best farmhouse vanity lights. These are all my favorites and I hope you like them too.

Choosing vanity lights (or any lighting) for a new house can be challenging. I tend to overthink things when it comes to choosing the lighting for my house and I still haven’t decided on the dining room chandelier or the staircase chandelier.

Update On The Building Process Of The New House

The rough plumbing, electrical, and HVAC passed inspection and the insulation is going up.

Insulation going into the walls of new house

Also, the porches have been poured. Yippee! The cement was not totally dry when I snapped this pic.

cement back porch that had just been poured

So, things are moving right along. Slowly, but surely.

Best Farmhouse Vanity Lights

white vanity with marble top and two mirrors with sconces

I’ve decided to go with sconces for the vanity lighting in two of my bathrooms.

I have two full baths and two 1/2 baths. It was just two bathrooms and a 1/2 bath (powder room). However, we changed a large storage closet into a half bath. It’s right beside the stairs that lead to the bonus room.

My bonus room does not have a bathroom and it’s entirely separate from the upstairs. It’s over the garage and has its own set of stairs right inside the entry door from the garage. Because of the layout, there’s not room for a bathroom so we created one at the bottom of the stairs.

That way, there’s a bath right there instead of having to cross the entire bottom floor to get to the main 1/2 bath.

Anyhoo, that bathroom (I call it the tiny bathroom) will have vanity lights above the mirror. The powder room (main 1/2 bath) will have sconces and the owner’s suite bathroom will also have sconces.

Why Sconces?

I’m going to have a place to sit and do my makeup in my new bathroom. My makeup artist daughter told me that sconces would provide better lighting when it comes to applying makeup. Plus, I really love the look.

How High Should Sconces Be From The Floor?

Sconces should ideally be eye level. The bottom of the sconce should be about 60-64 inches from the finished floor.

Hang the sconces on both sides of the mirror, about 36-40 inches apart to make sure your face is evenly lit.

How High Should Vanity Lights Be From The Floor?

If you’re hanging vanity lights above the mirror, they should be 75-80 inches from the finished floor to the middle of the lights.

How Much Space Between The Lights and Mirror?

There should be about three inches between the top of the mirror and the bottom of the light fixture.

Since I’m all about symmetry, I’ll definitely be there on the day the lights are added.

black and white vanity lights over mirror

Best Farmhouse Vanity Lights

I’m sharing my favorite farmhouse vanity lights and including sconces as well. I earn from some affiliate links with absolutely no additional cost to you.

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