Best Pantry Storage Containers

Our new house will have a walk-in pantry and two additional pantries with fixed shelves. I’m in pantry heaven. Currently, my pantry is a tall cabinet with pull-out shelves and it meets my needs. But it will be so nice to have a larger pantry.

I’m planning out my new pantry and I’m sharing the best pantry storage containers.

But first . . .

Update On Our New Modern Farmhouse Build

I’ve been at my sister’s house in middle GA for the past 5 days. My 87-year-old dad was hospitalized so I rushed to his side. Thankfully, he’s home now and I’m so glad I got to spend precious time with dad and my sis.

Plus, I needed to get away from all things concerning our new build. Sometimes you just need a break.

While I was gone, the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical continued. And, the metal floor decking was installed inside the porches in preparation for the concrete.

Metal insert in porches - preparing for concrete to be poured

Next, the exterior steps will be built and drywall will start going up inside.

I can hardly wait to see the porch areas actually become porches.

Moving right along . . .

Pantry Organization Tips

I’m actually looking forward to organizing my pantry. I think. I’m going with wood shelving because I just don’t care for wire shelves.

Favorite Pantry Storage Containers - glass jars lined up on shelves

Clean It Up

If you’re organizing a current pantry, take everything out of the pantry and wipe the shelves down. Discard items that are out of date.

Measure Your Space

Measure your space and pay attention to the measurements of new containers. If you need new storage options, see all the great containers at the end of this post.

Group Like With Like

Group like products together. When you organize in zones, you can quickly see what food products you have and when you need to restock.

Use Labels

And make sure you use labels on glass or plastic containers. Once, when I was in a hurry, I emptied flour into a large glass storage jar and forgot to label it. Since I use all-purpose and self-rising flour, I completely forgot which kind of flour I emptied into that container.

Wide-Mouth Jars Are Best For Storing Sugar, Flour, Etc.

When it comes to using storage jars, wide-mouth jars are always best. For instance, if you like to keep a measuring cup inside the storage jars (sugar, flour, rice, etc.) make sure the mouth of the jar is wide enough.

How To Keep Your Pantry Organized

I wish a pantry stayed organized! Sadly, that’s not the case. The best way to keep a pantry organized is by checking on things once a week to make sure spills are cleaned up, etc.

Add this step to your weekly cleaning list. It only takes a few minutes to take inventory of the pantry and to keep things organized.

Best Pantry Storage Containers

Below are some of my favorite storage containers for the pantry. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Click on a pic below to shop straight from this post!

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