Best Haint Blue Porch Ceiling Paint Colors

Because I’m a southerner, I’m going to paint my porch ceiling haint blue. It’s a requirement for living in the south. Just kidding, sort of.  If you don’t know anything about haint blue, just keep reading.

If you’ve never visited Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA, what in the world are you waiting on? 🙂 I was born and raised in GA and have lived in SC for over 29 years. So I know a thing or two about haint blue porch ceilings.

While you’re looking at all the gorgeous old homes in Charleston or Savannah, you’ll see the beautiful blue/green ceiling colors. There’s not one specific haint blue color but it’s always a pretty shade of light blue.

Why Haint Blue?

The Gullah Geechee people, who were descendants of central and west African slaves, started this tradition many years ago on the coasts of SC and GA. They believed this color would ward off evil spirits, hence the name haint blue.

I’ve even heard that a haint blue ceiling will ward off wasps from building nests. I’m not much on superstitions, but if it keeps wasps away, I’m all for it.

Plus, I’m a southerner through and through, so a haint blue ceiling it is.

Best Haint Blue Porch Ceiling Paint Colors

There are so many colors that can be used to paint your porch ceiling haint blue. These happen to be my favorites.

Best Haint Blue Porch Ceiling Paint Colors Swatch

Lauren’s Surprise by Sherwin Williams

Lauren's Surprise paint color - shade of haint blue


Atmospheric by Sherwin Williams

atmospheric paint color - best haint blue porch ceiling paint colors


Breath of Fresh Air by Benjamin Moore

Breath of Fresh Air Blue Paint Color


Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

Palladian Blue Paint Color Sample - shade of haint blue


Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

rainwashed paint color by sherwin williams - a blue green paint color


Beach Foam by Behr

Beach Foam Paint Color for a Haint Blue Porch


Shimmering Pool by Behr

shimmering pool paint color


Swimming by Sherwin Williams

Swimming Light Blue Paint Color - perfect for Haint Blue Ceiling


Bathe Blue by Sherwin Williams

Bathe Blue light blue-green paint color for haint blue porch ceiling


So, there you have it, my very favorite haint blue paint colors. I’m seriously leaning towards Lauren’s Surprise or Atmospheric. I really love the tones of those two.

Who am I kidding? I love them all and will be making a decision soon. When I do, I’ll add it to the end of this post.

Do you have a haint blue painted porch ceiling?


Alli loves her southern, country lifestyle. Whether she's decorating her new modern farmhouse or cooking up a storm for her family, Alli is all about living her best life now and spoiling her grandkids! She enjoys traveling, reading, Duke basketball, photography, and all things coastal. Alli wants to be a beach bum when she grows up.

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13 thoughts on “Best Haint Blue Porch Ceiling Paint Colors”

  1. Hi Ms. Southerner-
    I’m taking you suggestion to paint my ceiling porch Benjamin Moore’s color in NJ.

      1. I’m an Okie! I’m in Tulsa, OK. We just built a pool in our backyard and added and outdoor living area. The builder put a pine slatted ceiling. Okies love that natural look and so do I. But yes, I love Charleston and Savannah’s and adore the gorgeous ceilings, so I chose Atmospheric by SW. It’s lovely! Such a natural and happy feeling! It’s like an extension of the sky. Friends smile and often say, wish I’d known. I agree, you do need to see it to understand. I, too, love the look, no matter where you live.

        1. We lived in Tulsa for about four years back in the late 1980s so Tulsa has a special place in my heart. I would love to see your porch ceilings. I know they are gorgeous!

          1. I truly enjoy your southern hospitality! I feel your Energy of a taint blue ceiling in my lanai. Thx so much

  2. Alli have you painted your ceiling yet? Which color did you choose and sheen? I’m on the edge between satin and semi gloss!

    1. Yes, it’s been painted and I’m thrilled with the color. I went with Lauren’s Surprise by Sherwin Williams. The sheen is satin.

  3. Thinking about painting our porch roof haint blue. what finish is typically used – flat, semi or full gloss?