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I have already purchased most of the lights for my new home. You should see all the boxes stacked in the guest room in my current house. But, when it comes to dining room chandeliers, I’m having a difficult time.

(Hint: When you’re building a new house or remodeling, mark the outside of the boxes when they arrive so you’ll know what’s in them and the room they belong to.)

Dining Room Chandelier
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New Build Update

If you read last week’s post, you’ll know that a week went by without anything being done. Nada. Nothing. Well, the drywall was delivered.

Then suddenly, on Friday of last week, lo and behold, two different crews showed up. And, they cleaned up around the outside of the house as well. It was really beginning to bother me.

On Friday, the drywall installers worked a 12 hour day and I was shocked when I walked into the house Friday evening. They got a lot done.

Drywall being hung in the master bedroom

Imagine my complete surprise when the drywall crew showed up bright and early Saturday morning and worked a 13 hour day and finished hanging the drywall. Next will be the mud and tape.

A Saturday??? Yes! The drywall crew rocks!!

Oh, yeah, the plumber installed the tankless water heater last week.

We’re halfway there (12 steps to building a home)

I’m one who keeps up with the steps to building a house. According to my list, we’re about halfway there.

  1. land prep √
  2. footings/foundation √
  3. framing √
  4. HVAC, plumbing, electrical √
  5. insulation installed √
  6. drywall √
  7. interior finishes
  8. exterior finishes
  9. fixtures installation
  10. flooring
  11. final inspection
  12. final walkthrough

Now The Fun Begins

Once the drywall portion is complete, it’s time to finalize my interior paint choices, cabinets, etc. At least I have chosen my exterior paint. What a relief!

I have to confess that I’m a little nervous. I’ve had everything picked out for so long, I’m beginning to second guess and overthink things.

How To Choose A Dining Room Chandelier

Size matters when it comes to choosing a dining room chandelier. Be careful not to go too big because it takes over the entire room. If you go too small, it gets lost.

If you have a large dining room with a long, rectangle table, two chandeliers are beautiful and can be better than one.

Ideally, dining room chandeliers should be about 12 inches narrower than the width of the table.

Consider the height of your ceiling, the scale of your furniture, and the style you’re going for.

If your dining room has an eight-foot ceiling, the chandelier should hang 30-34 inches above the table. Add three inches higher for each foot of ceiling.

I always like to “eyeball it” when hanging a chandelier to make sure it looks right in the space. Since I have a tendency to go big or go home, I have to reign myself in when it comes to chandeliers.

I Said All That To Say I Need To Make Up My Mind Regarding Dining Room Chandeliers

I have had plenty of time to pick out the perfect (for me) dining room chandelier. Then all of a sudden, things are speeding up so I’ve got to get it done.

Below are some of my favorite dining room chandeliers. Now, if I could just make up my mind! I think I’ll close my eyes and just pick one.

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Favorite Dining Room Chandeliers

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