Best Recliners That Are Not Ugly

I’ve been on the search for the best recliners.

I promised my husband that I would find him a recliner for our new house. We’ve never had them before and I didn’t want big, bulky, ugly recliners. Keep reading to see how the new recliners look in our space.

We’ve been in our house for an entire week and two days! But who’s counting? Me, that’s who!

We had been in our old home for decades. I thought I had thoroughly purged all the things I didn’t need/want by donating, trashing, etc. during the long process of this new build. Nope.

Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of everything and start over. Just kidding. Kinda.

We unpacked the kitchen/pantry and master bedroom first. Then we got everything set up in the main living area (except for decor). I’ll get to that eventually.

Things I Love About My New House

So far, I love everything! But here are some things that I really love.

1. All Of The Windows – I have so many windows in this house. My great room has the best views.

2. The Pantries – My old house had a tall built-in pantry cabinet. Now I have to admit that it held a lot but I now have a real walk-in pantry, a butler’s pantry, and a separate pantry/closet to store all of my small appliances like slow cookers, turkey fryer, etc.

3. My Kitchen Island – In my previous house I had a peninsula and now I have a big island with lots of storage.

4. Pull Out Spice Racks & Pull Out Cutting Board Over the Trashcans – When my cabinet guy was almost done with my island, I showed him a photo of a pull-out cutting board over a pull-out trashcan and asked if he could add it. He could and he did and I love it.

There’s so much more that I’m thankful for in my new home but since this post is about recliners, I’ll stop gushing for now.

Favorite Recliners

My husband jokingly (I think) tells people that this is my new house and I just let him live here. He really means that if I’m happy, he’s happy.

I chose pretty much everything, from the house plan to the modifications to the decor. He picked out the pool shape (I wanted a simple rectangle. He wanted a free form so I went with it.)

I didn’t want ice in the door of my paneled counter-depth fridge. He did so I went with it.

My husband wanted our free-standing tub to be a jetted tub. I didn’t even want a tub at all. I’m a shower girl. But he got his jetted tub. It has air jets and the other kind.

He also wanted a recliner and I wanted something that doesn’t really look like a recliner so I ordered two of these glider/rocker/recliners from Wayfair and I’m in love.

I love that these recliners also glide and swivel.

favorite recliners - two gray recliners in living room

I have gray, but these recliners come in cream, as well.

Stay tuned to see my new coffee table. It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The old one is going in the bonus room with the navy sofas as soon as my new sofas arrive (mid-July!).

More Beautiful Recliners

Click on the pic to shop straight from this post!

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