Coffered Ceilings for Family Room

Coffered ceilings are so dramatic and I knew I wanted to add this detail to my family room ceiling. I’m so in love with the ceiling and it hasn’t even been painted yet!

These types of ceilings work with all different styles of decor. So don’t be afraid to add them to one or two of your ceilings. A coffered ceiling will bring an added dimension to your space and draw the eye upward.

Since our study, master bedroom, and master bath all have vaulted ceilings, I didn’t want to vault the family room. In the original house plans, the 12′ ceiling is flat so I went with it knowing it would be the perfect place to add a little drama.

I’ll show you some of my favorite styles below. Plus, I’m sharing a photo of my ceiling during the installation process. Just keep reading.

dining room featuring coffered ceilings painted white

What Is A Coffered Ceiling?

Coffered means indention. A coffered ceiling is a pattern of indentions on an overhead surface. The grids can be rectangle, square, or octagon.

Coffered ceilings have many recessed areas and are different from tray ceilings. A tray features a single raised area.

Coffered ceilings can be made with a variety of materials including wood, rigid PVC, and rough-hewn reclaimed beams.

I snapped a pic with my phone of my coffered ceiling being installed. The crown is about to be installed. I don’t have a photo of the finished product yet. This is just an installation process pic.

coffered ceiling being installed

Things To Consider Before Installing Coffered Ceilings

Are your ceilings high enough?

Coffered ceilings work best in rooms with high ceilings. It’s recommended that your ceiling height be at least 9 feet tall or more. (My family room ceiling is 12 feet tall).

Personally, I would not have had the ceiling coffered if it had been anything less than 12 feet tall. Even though this type of ceiling can give an illusion of height, the beams extend downward and take up space.

The ceiling below is a dream! I wish it was in my house! 🙂

dramatic tall ceiling that has been coffered

Also, the deeper the coffer, the higher the ceilings should be. Rooms with low ceilings can look cluttered and cramped with this type of ceiling.


I knew I wanted coffered ceilings in the family room even though my plans did not call for them. I made sure the General Contractor knew this when we met with him the first time before a quote was given.

Installation can be labor-intensive and requires advanced carpentry skills. Our trim guy didn’t have the time so the foreman of the framing crew installed ours. I was amazed that it took them only two full days to do that one room.

The details and the type of wood you use will affect your overall cost.

Bold or Traditional?

I’m going to have my coffered ceilings painted white. However, you can be adventurous and paint the recessed areas black or whatever color complements your decor. Stained rustic beams are beautiful as well.

a family room with dramatic ceilings with coffers and painted blue

Latest Update On House

It’s very slow going right now. There’s still a shortage of workers and the construction crews that are working are busier than ever.

Sometimes a day or a week goes by without much happening. It’s frustrating but I always remember that all is well. The end is in sight.

The fireplace has to be bricked up and the gas logs insert needs to be installed. The columns and the garage doors have to be done on the exterior. Exterior and interior have to be painted.

Floors need to be installed, bathrooms are waiting to be tiled and the cabinets have to be installed. Then the HVAC, Electric, and Gas crews return to finish up their work.

I hope to be in by Christmas. I really do!

Meanwhile . . .

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