Correct Size Chandelier – Easy Guide!

Correct Size Chandelier – Easy Guide!

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There are so many choices when it comes to buying the perfect lighting for your home. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in choosing the perfect light fixture that we completely forget that size matters. So, I’m going to show you an easy way to determine the correct size chandelier for your space.

My sister is about to close on her gorgeous new build in GA. She sent me a text a few days ago saying that she thinks she went too small on her outdoor garage lights and her dining room chandelier.

Sure, she can change the lights later and it’s not a hard fix, but it can be a costly fix. No one wants to spend extra money on replacing lighting so soon.

Correct Size Chandelier Guide - With a white and blue farmhouse chandelier

How To Determine The Correct Size Chandelier

I’ve had a difficult time picking out the chandelier for my great room. My husband wants a ceiling fan so I found a way to compromise. He’s giving me the chandelier in the great room and I’m giving him a ceiling fan in the master bedroom.

Ouch. I didn’t want any ceiling fans except for on the lanai. We’ll see.

living room with white sofa and black chandelier

How To Determine The Width of the Chandelier

To determine the width of a chandelier, add the room length to the room width (in feet) and you’ll get your chandelier’s width in inches.

For example, my great room will be 19′ x 20′ so the width of my chandelier needs to be 39 inches.

This is an easy way to remember: Room Length + Room Width (in feet) = Chandelier Width in Inches

Isn’t that an easy way to determine how wide your chandelier needs to be?

How To Determine The Height of A Chandelier

What about the height of the chandelier?  You want the height to look right in the room as well. Here’s a great way to figure things out.

To figure out how tall a chandelier should be, multiply the ceiling height by 2.5. The ceiling in my great room will be 12′ – 12 x 2.5 = 30.

For my great room, I need to look for a 39″ chandelier that is 30″ high. It doesn’t have to be exact, but around that size is what I need to look for.

How High Should You Hang A Chandelier?

It depends on the location, of course.

In An Open Room

In an open area like the great room or foyer – the minimum height is 7 feet above the floor.

chandelier size - foyer with chandelier and staircase

Above A Kitchen Island

The bottom of a kitchen pendant should be 32-36 inches above the counter. Remember, you don’t want your sight obstructed.

Here is a great article on how to hang pendants over an island (how far to space them apart, what size pendant, etc.)

kitchen island with pendents hanging above the white island

Above A Dining Table

When it comes to hanging a chandelier above a dining table, you need to consider the table size, the room size, and how much light projected from the chandelier.

Hang a chandelier so that the bottom is approximately 32-36 inches above a dining table. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, hang the chandelier 3 inches higher for every foot of the ceiling.

The chandelier should be approximately 12 inches narrower than the dining table.

Dining Room - Wood Table with white leather chairs and a chandelier

I hope this simple guide helps you determine the correct size chandelier for your space.

PS – I love all of these chandeliers below. Click on a pic for more details.


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