Cow Bells And Christmas Home Tour

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at my house! Since this is our first Christmas in my new house, I decided to give you a little Christmas Home Tour.

When it comes to decor, I’m a less-is-more kind of girl. I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a minimalist, but I’m awful close!

I don’t like clutter and for me, there’s a fine line between decorating for the holidays and going completely overboard.

But, hey, like I always say, it’s your house and we are all entitled to our own decorating style.

Of course, Christmas IS my favorite time of the year so there’s that.

Is it just me or do Christmas Trees look much better in person than in a photograph? Mine do!

I’ll include links to some of my decorations at the end of this post. If I don’t have a link, I’ll share the place where the items were purchased.

Let’s get this Modern Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour started!

Driveway Columns

Swags are the perfect way to say, “Welcome to our Home” and I found these lighted swags at Front Gate. I used kitchen twine to tie them to the lanterns. I thought I had some clear fishing line but I couldn’t find it.

The lights on these swags are battery-powered and on a timer.

When the columns were built, the electrician added electrical outlets and I’m so glad he did. If I want to use something different next year that needs electricity, it’s there.

I took this one with my phone. 🙂

christmas swag on driveway column - greenery with berries, a bow and twinkle lights

Front Porch

I found these red berry wreaths while shopping at Kirkland’s! They have some really cool stuff! (I’m linking them at the end.)

Again, I don’t like wreaths that have a lot of stuff on them so these are just right for me. The trees flanking the front door are from Target.

Porch Decor - Double doors with red berry wreaths flanked by 5' lighted Christmas trees


When you walk into the foyer, my console table is all decked out. Did I go overboard?? You’ll find my Willow nativity (my absolute favorite Christmas decor) in front of a white barn that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Willow Nativity in front of white barn

I’ve also added a snowman and reindeer collection that have been collected over time. The antlers came from my mom and dad.

console table with reindeer and antlers

The garland is from Kirkland’s.

snowmen on console table

Whimsical Santa-Inspired Christmas Tree

I’ve had the flocked Christmas tree for a couple of years and it is from Nearly Natural. I decided to go with a whimsical red and white-themed tree for the grandkids! I found the Santa tree topper at Hobby Lobby for 60% off.

santa tree topper on top of flocked tree

The ornaments have been collected over time, including Ms. Kitty, an ornament honoring my daughter’s beloved cat, who crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago.

red and white whimsical Christmas tree

I did go over-the-top on this tree but it’s because my main tree in the great room is simple.

white flocked tree decorated with red and white ornaments


We didn’t have a staircase in our last home. It was a one-level ranch-style home. So, decorating the staircase was number one on my list. I think my husband and I nailed the look I was going for.

Bells, garland and ribbon on staircase

This (and the living room tree) was my biggest splurge. I wanted a thick, full-looking garland. At first, I was going to layer garland to get that fullness. The garland I wanted was sold out so I had to go to plan B.

staircase with green garland and gold bells

The garland is from GrandInRoad and I absolutely love it and I plan on reusing it for many years to come. Sadly, when I went to link it down below, it says “no longer available.” I think I bought it all (8 garlands!).

So, I linked another garland down below that was my second choice.

Dining Room Centerpiece

The remote-controlled candles and Christmas trees are from Hobby Lobby at 60% off.  The garland with jingle bells is from Big Lots and I really wish I had bought more.

Dining Room table decor - greenery, candles and trees

I had a really old wreath that had seen its better days, so I deconstructed that old thing with my wire cutters. I used the stems as fillers.

Great Room Christmas Home Tour

I love my mantel! I layered five 5′ long garlands to get the desired effect. The garlands I used are three Norfolk Pine and two Eucalyptus.

fireplace with stockings and garland

Then I added two antique gold jingle bell garlands. The velvet blue ribbon, fairy lights, and bells on the end are from Amazon. (I’m linking them down below!)

Christmas bells and garland

My mantle is simple, yet lovely.

This tray on one of my ottomans is so cute. I love the look of the vintage Santa mugs. But, I have to admit that these babies came from Dollar General. They aren’t vintage but they are cute and they make me smile.

santa mugs on wooden tray

I have another cute tray on the coffee table with a little tree from Marshall’s, a snowflake from Big Lots, and a candle from Kirkland’s.

flocked tabletop tree, snowflake and candle in wooden tray

Great Room Christmas Tree

I’ve wanted an Aspen Pine Christmas tree for years. I finally bit the bullet and purchased one from Grandin Road. It’s nine feet tall and I have to get my husband’s ladder to decorate the top half.

I went with blue and gold decorations for this one.

Aspen Pine Christmas tree decorated in navy and gold

AFTER we put the very top part of the tree on, I had a brilliant idea. I should have fluffed and decorated that top part BEFORE we added it to the tree. That thing is a bugger to decorate because I don’t like being up that high.

This tree looks so much better in person.

Christmas tree decked out in blue and gold

I wanted to keep this tree simple so I decorated it with blue and gold ornaments. I actually think that less is really more on this tree.

Full photo of 9 foot Aspen Pine flocked Christmas tree

Note: This tree is no longer available. What’s up with that? But they have many beautiful trees!

Christmas Stockings

When I first started collecting these personalized needlepoint Christmas stockings, my oldest two children were mere babes and I believe they were $14.99. When the next two kids came along, they were $19.99.

stockings hanging on the mantel

Fast forward to in-laws and grandkids. When I ordered the latest stocking this year, it was $72.00 (the outrageous shipping charges included!)!! My, how times have changed. I was shocked!

The stockings are all from Lillian Vernon.

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook

When my husband and I were first married, our second-hand dining room table and buffet were vintage, to say the least. The dining room table finally fell apart.

When we bought a new dining room table, I gave my old, beat-up buffet to my mom.

My mom took that thing and had it restored. When she passed away a few years ago, she left that beauty to me and I found the perfect spot in my breakfast nook.

vintage buffet decorated for Christmas with a nativity scene and greenery

The old (cheap!) nativity is one I bought years ago. When I bought it, I didn’t realize that Joseph was missing. It’s still cute so I kept it and use the shepherd as a stand-in for Joseph.

small white nativity in wooden tray

The little tree on the island is decked out with old cookie cutters. The mini rolling pins, wooden spoons, and cutting board are all from Hobby Lobby.

small Christmas tree on kitchen island

Village Scene on Kitchen Counter

This is a cute little village scene in a tray. I bought the little houses from the Target dollar spot years ago.

little white village in a tray on kitchen counter

The snow is Epsom Salt. It makes the best snow. I have used this faux snow for years!

I just bag it up after the holidays and use it again next Christmas.

That’s A Wrap On My Christmas Home Tour

I don’t really decorate the bathrooms or bedrooms for Christmas so this concludes the tour.

I wish you the very merriest of Christmases and may 2023 be everything you’ve dreamed of and more!

(You can see more of my home decor by visiting my home page! It’s all linked!)

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