Favorite Farmhouse Christmas Decor

We had our first frost on October 18th and it was cold! We turned on the heat for the very first time. Of course, since then, we’ve had the air on a couple of times too. So, now I’m thinking about my Favorite Farmhouse Christmas Decor.

Now that it’s getting chilly, I’m in the mood for Christmas. I’m looking forward to decorating and enjoying our first Christmas in our new home.

Christmas is my very favorite holiday! It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I usually start decorating the first week in November. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, everything in my house whispers Christmas except for the dining room. I keep the Thanksgiving vibes going in there until after Turkey Day.

Speaking of turkey, we deep-fry our turkey every year. Of course, I’ll share my mom’s deep-fried turkey recipe! And mom’s cornbread dressing!

Latest News On What’s Going On At Our New House

We painted our little shed. There’s a little touchup that needs doing but other than that, it’s about time to fill that shed up with tools, etc.

shed painted white with black trim

Landscaping is coming along. The winter rye grass is growing but I’m so ready to have grass once spring rolls around.

Fireplace Vs. Firepit

While I’ve been thinking about Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor, I’m also trying to decide if I want an outdoor fireplace or a firepit. My husband wants the firepit but I think it’s because it’s cheaper to build.

My husband also asked, “Aren’t we done with the house/building-related stuff?” Ummm, no. Are we ever done? I think not.

The thought of an outdoor fireplace with a mantel to decorate thrills my heart. But will I actually use it?

So, let me know in the comments if you’re Team Firepit or outdoor fireplace. I really want to know. It’s a tough decision.

Decorating The Fireplace Mantel

Let’s go back inside the house and talk about the indoor fireplace.

I didn’t have a fireplace in my previous house so this will be the first time in a long time that I’ve decorated a mantel.

The mantel is a reclaimed beam from a barn built in the 1800s and it’s so pretty. I’ve been asked about the stain color but there is no stain. It’s just old and worn and gorgeous.

We purchased the mantel from Cope And Stick in Charlotte, NC. If you’re ever in the area, stop by.

They have the best-reclaimed wood and beautiful antique doors from France and other places. I could spend half a day just looking at all the beautiful pieces.

brick and shiplap fireplace with a frame TV above the mantle

We have a 65-inch Samsung Frame TV and I love it! Everything connects to the one-connect box. I had the framers cut out a square insert behind the TV. It’s big enough for this box to hold the one-connect box.

I finally ordered a black frame for the TV and it looks like artwork when the TV is off. Several guests have asked me if we have a TV.

I can hardly wait to decorate the mantel! I’ll show you what I did once it’s done.

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations I Love

Below are some of my favorite Christmas decorations. Just click the photo to shop straight from this post.


If you ever want to see some of my year-round decor, furniture, etc. make sure to visit my Shop My House page. 

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