Modern Farmhouse Dining Chairs

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My new house will have a breakfast room, something my current house does not have. It took me a while to find the perfect modern farmhouse dining chairs for that area.

I find it difficult to choose furniture before the house is even finished. My sister and I agree that we should be able to live in our new house for six months before having to make furniture choices. Or decorating.

I want my modern farmhouse to feel cozy and inviting with clean, simple lines. Of course, I have to add a splash of coastal vibes to my house. It’s just who I am.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Chairs - black chairs around a brown wood table in a white dining room with woven blinds on the windows

All New Furniture For The New House? Um – No!

My son asked me if I was going to get a new dining room table. I was like, um, no. Look, I have a huge family and I love my Pottery Barn table.

I purchased the table several years ago for only $500.00! When I found a deal on Craig’s List, my husband, son-in-love and I took a trailer to pick it up from a beautiful home on Lake Norman (near Charlotte, NC).

The family I purchased the chair from was moving to California and didn’t have room for the table. The table is so heavy! It was a steal and no, I’m not getting rid of it.

At one time I had off-white leather dining chairs with nailhead trim in the dining room. After many years, one of the chairs broke and I replaced them with 12 of these chairs from Home Depot.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Dining Chairs

There are so many choices when it comes to finding the perfect dining room chairs. Just make sure you pay attention to measurements. You’ll want to measure the room, the table, and the chairs.

Most dining room tables are about 30 inches tall. Most dining chairs are 18 inches from the floor to the seat. The average dining chair is 18-20 inches across and you need at least six inches between chairs to make sure everyone has elbow room.

Gone are the days of matchy-matchy dining chairs and tables. Feel free to buy a table and dining room chairs separately.

Below are all my favorite modern farmhouse dining chairs, including the Carson dining room chairs for my breakfast room.

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