Modern Farmhouse Fireplace And Decor

I had a difficult time deciding what type of fireplace surround I wanted in our new build. A modern farmhouse fireplace can go in so many directions.

First of all, you have to decide if you want wood burning, gas or an electric fireplace. Then, if you go with gas, you need to pick ventless or vented. We went with a ventless gas fireplace.

Then it’s time to decide on the fireplace surround. Will you go with wood, stone, brick, cast iron, or tile? This is the part I had a problem with.

What about a hearth?

  • Do you want to go with no hearth? A hearth takes up valuable floor space.
  • Raised Firebox – The hearth is below the firebox.
  • Flush Hearth – The fireplace hearth is even with the firebox.
  • Raised Hearth – The hearth is above the firebox opening.

I decided to go with a flush hearth.

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Surround

I knew I wanted brick in order to add some texture in the midst of all the white going on in my house. Yes, I have Sherwin Wiliams pure white walls, cabinets, and trim – just different sheens. I do have a navy (SW Naval) ceiling in the dining room and the island is also SW Naval.

So, I had decisions to make. Should I go all the way up to the ceiling with the brick? Should I do an arch? I had saved so many ideas on Pinterest.

So I showed the brick mason the inspiration photo of a gorgeous fireplace I found on Pinterest. You can see that beautiful fireplace here.


And below is the brick mason’s interpretation.

I don’t like the arch at all. I tried to like it. But it’s nothing like my inspiration photo from Pinterest. So, I had the brick mason tear the arch out and redo that part.

I decided to finish it off with shiplap going all the way to the ceiling. To be frank, I wasn’t going to have any shiplap in this house so this is it, the only shiplap you’ll see in my home.

It will be painted white and I think it turned out beautifully!

Let’s Talk About The Mantel!

I’m in love with the fireplace mantel. The beam came from a barn in Ohio that was built in the 1800s. We purchased it from Cope and Stick in Charlotte, NC.

vintage mantel from an 1800s barn

If you look at the center of the beam, you’ll notice the wooden pegs. I chose that particular mantel because of the wooden pegs.

close up photo of a wooden beam turned into a mantel

If you’re ever in the Charlotte area, you need to stop by and take a look at all the vintage lumber, flooring, and furniture. They had some of the most beautiful vintage barn doors from France when I stopped by looking for the perfect mantel.

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Decor (the fun part)!

I guess you noticed the built-in electrical box above the mantel. Yep, it’s for the TV that will go there.

I did not want a television above the fireplace and I tried to figure out a way to not have it there. The problem is all the big, beautiful windows and the open concept design.

We do have the Frame TV so it will display beautiful artwork when powered down. The one connect box will be placed in that electrical box. I watched a youtube video of the installation process and showed it to my electrician.

I’m looking so forward to getting that TV up and decorating! From above-the-mantel mirrors (Or Frame TV in my space) to lanterns for the hearth, a fireplace is so much fun to decorate.

Below are some of my favorite mantel/hearth decor. Just click a pic to shop or to get more info. I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.



Alli loves her southern, country lifestyle. Whether she's decorating her new modern farmhouse or cooking up a storm for her family, Alli is all about living her best life now and spoiling her grandkids! She enjoys traveling, reading, Duke basketball, photography, and all things coastal. Alli wants to be a beach bum when she grows up.

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