Quartzite Countertops

Everything seemed to be slowly moving along with our new build until bam! We now have our quartzite countertops in!

Our white oak hardwood floors are being stained this week and our driveway/walkway was poured yesterday. I’ll share more about the floors and the driveway next week.

Things are getting real over at Woodside Haven (yes, I named my house!). February 7, 2022 marks the 14th month of our build and I’m so ready to move in. Who knew it would take so long?

But first, let’s talk countertops.

What Is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a stone that forms when heat and pressure alter the compositional properties of quartz-rich sandstone. This creates a very strong stone. Say that real fast.

As you can see in the photos below, some of the drawers, etc. have not been added to the island yet.

I snapped these photos with my phone. I was on my way to the gym (trying to lose the Covid-19 I gained during lockdown) and had to stop and take a look.

The guys installing the quartzite laughed at me because I was so excited. It had been so long since I picked out the tops that I couldn’t remember what they looked like.

You can barely see the veining on the side where the sink is but it’s there and I love the look of this island.

kitchen island featuring quartzite

What Is The Difference Between Quartzite and Quartz?

Quartzite is a natural stone quarried from the earth. Quartz is man-made and is made up of crushed rock, polymer resins, and pigment.

Quartz is usually less expensive than Quartzite. However, when I was searching for countertops, I found some high-end quartz that was more expensive.

Why Did I Go With Quartzite Countertops?

I’ve had granite for years and I love the low maintenance of granite. However, this time around, I didn’t want a lot of movement. I wanted countertops that are easy to maintain but not overly busy.

Also, most quartzite slabs are light-colored. Since I wanted a light-colored stone with some veining, quartzite is a clear winner.

Plus, quartzite is nearly indestructible. It’s extremely hard and durable. This stone is resistant to scratches, and etching, just like high-end granite.

Since quartzite is porous, it can stain. That’s why I plan to seal it once a year. Sealing is not hard at all. I’ve always done it myself with my granite tops. I use this product. It’s amazing!

And, it can stand up to heat just like granite. Sadly, quartz (man-made) cannot take the heat. And that’s the main reason I ruled out quartz even though quartz is beautiful.

White Treasure Quartzite

It took several visits before I found the perfect quartzite for my home. These slabs go fast! Fortunately, my local stone shop receives new shipments just about every week.

We went with White Treasure quartzite in the kitchen, pantry, butler’s pantry, laundry room (including a folding area over the washer/dryer), and the master bath.

Below is a photo of my vanity. It has a designated makeup area. My husband’s vanity is on the opposite wall.

You can also see a little gold in the quartzite. It’s only in the bathroom and I’m having brass fixtures so it will be perfect. (It looks red in the photo but it’s not)

bathroom vanity with quartzite countertop

I also used White Treasure for the benchtop and the threshold of the master bathroom shower. I love this color. It matches the shower tile perfectly! (The threshold had not been done yet when I snapped this pic.

shower bench featuring quartzite

It took three slabs for my home and I’m thrilled that my kitchen island did not have to be seamed.

The island quartzite weighs 1300 pounds!! I have to say that it looks amazing on my navy-colored island. (SW Naval)

I wanted to go all the way up the wall with the quartzite when it came to my kitchen backsplash. Ultimately I decided to go with a colorful backsplash tile because I didn’t want to keep breaking the budget.

There will be a band of wood on the vent cover above the cooktop.

kitchen with new white and gray countertops

Most people pick a neutral backsplash for the kitchen, but since I have white walls and white cabinets, I am going with a bold color on the backsplash. I’ll keep you posted!

Hopefully, we will be in our new home within 3-4 weeks!

Kitchen Items I Love

I thought I’d share some of my favorite kitchen decor below. Click on the pic for more info or to shop straight from this post.





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