Modern Farmhouse New Build Begins

Modern Farmhouse New Build Begins

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. My Modern Farmhouse New Build begins Monday!

Okay – so I’m not jumping-for-joy-singing-at-the-top-of-my-lungs excited . . . yet. There have been so many setbacks and frankly, I thought we’d be done by now. D O N E!

Blueprints for new modern farmhouse

Quick Recap of The Building Process So Far

House Plans Finalized

I worked with an architectural firm and my house plans were finalized in July of 2019. I actually purchased the plans online but I wanted to make a few changes. So, I hired an architectural firm to make those changes. It took a few months for the plans to be completed.

Search For A Building Contractor Begins

The search for a contractor took way longer than I ever could have imagined. Most contractors around here don’t build custom homes. They build neighborhoods.

When I say way longer, I’m not joking. It took a little over 9 months to find a contractor. We finally found the perfect contractor and signed the contract.

Loan Process Begins For Our New Home

We were pre-approved for the loan but as you probably know, you still have to go through the entire process. Covid hit right before the loan process started. Everything closed down, including the banks, so our loan officer was working from home.

What should have taken a month or two stretched into four months, April – July 2020. The one thing that held up the process? The title search was never done on the property. That was on our closing attorney’s end.

When we found out nothing had been done for months, we called in the big gun – our daughter.

Our oldest daughter owns a title search company that works with large companies (not small law firms) and we called to tell her that the title search of the property had not been done. She had one of her employees jump right on it and it was on our attorney’s desk within 24 hours.

Once the title search was turned in, we met with our attorney and closed the loan on July 23, 2020.

Our Contractor Was Working On Two Other Houses

In the meantime, our builder had started building two other houses. He couldn’t wait on us so then we had to wait on him.

Lumber Prices Went Sky High!

When the builder was finally ready to start on our house by the end of September, lumber prices had gone sky high. It would now cost at least $45,000 more to build our home. So he suggested we wait it out for a few weeks.

We did. The prices have gone down some (not as much as we’d like) but we’ve heard rumors that the prices will go back up soon. I sure hope not!

Finally, The Modern Farmhouse New Build Begins

Thursday, December 3, 2020, the building process started. Yahoo!

My husband and I met with the head of the foundation crew (what do you call the foundation guy?) to make sure the house is placed precisely where we want it and to mark the four corners.

Property Clean-Up For Our Modern Farmhouse New Build

Back in August, we hired a guy to get our property ready to build and remove some small bushes, trees, etc. Since that time, briars and things have grown back so our builder did a little cleanup before they begin laying the foundation on Monday.

Before . . .

Land being mowed before foundation is laid for new build


An after photo of where the land has been cleared to make ready for the new build - trees in the distance

All Is Well

When we first started the building process of our country farmhouse, we had no idea that 2020 would be completely insane.

I prayed and committed everything concerning our new build to God before we embarked on this journey. I kept hearing the words (not audibly, but inside) “all is well.”

Throughout this process, when I’ve been tempted to get upset or complain, I’ve remembered those words, All is Well, and I’ve remained calm, cool, and collected.

On Monday, December 7, the building crew begins the foundation. The head of the crew told us it would take approximately six weeks to dig out the foundation and frame the house. I’ll keep you posted.






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