Best Modern Farmhouse Poufs

Best Modern Farmhouse Poufs

What in the world is a pouf? A pouf is a large, solid floor cushion that can be used for extra seating, a footrest, or a side table. Or, use a pair of poufs at the foot of your bed. Today I’m sharing all the best modern farmhouse poufs.

beige pouf in front of a fireplace with a lamp to the side

I have a large family. When we all get together, there are 16 of us. Of course, I expect there will be more grandkids in the future. I sure hope so!

So, I’m always on the lookout for extra seating and poufs are the perfect, movable answer to my seating dilemma.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my favorite (and only) sister and I found the perfect pouf at Home Goods. Of course, they only had one pouf and I wanted a matching pair. Boo!

When it comes to poufs, you can go as colorful or as neutral as you’d like. I love a pink pouf for a little girl’s room.

pink pouf in living room

Latest on Woodside Haven, Our New House Build

The framers are still framing. And I do believe this week (last week of March) will be the first week they have a full 5-day work week.

Thankfully, the rains held off this week even though we had a little hail storm last night that lasted about a minute. I was praying that the storm would pass quickly and it did.

Also, a guy that owns a concrete company stopped by and wants to bid on our driveway. We meet with him on Saturday. It’s nowhere close to being at the point of needing the driveway poured but with everything running behind like it is, it’s best to get those things squared away.

We will definitely get several bids before choosing a concrete company.

Below is a photo of the lanai (I call it a back porch but whatever) getting all gussied up. You can see where the side porch wraps around and ties into the back porch. I can imagine myself sitting on that back porch drinking my morning coffee.

framing of a modern farmhouse from the back of the house showing the roof and second story rafters

Quest For The Best Modern Farmhouse Poufs

A pouf is a versatile piece of furniture and I plan on adding a few to my new house. I’ve listed all my favorite poufs below.

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Just click on the pic of any pouf that you’re interested in and you can go straight to the website to get all the details and place your order. It’s so convenient!

As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no additional cost to you.

Happy pouf shopping! Which one is your favorite?

Alli loves her southern, country lifestyle. Whether she's decorating her new modern farmhouse or cooking up a storm for her family, Alli is all about living her best life now and spoiling her grandkids! She enjoys traveling, reading, Duke basketball, photography, and all things coastal. Alli wants to be a beach bum when she grows up.

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