Modern Farmhouse Mirrors You Will Love

Modern Farmhouse Mirrors You Will Love

I have gone way over my “new house mirror allowance” and I’ve only purchased two mirrors. Anyway, I’m sharing all my favorite modern farmhouse mirrors today and I love them all.

So, for our new build, I’ll need mirrors for 4 bathrooms plus one to go above the console table in my foyer. Speaking of entryways, one of the two foyer lights arrived today.

I need a POD badly but they don’t deliver to my neck of the woods. The story of my small-town life.

My two guest bedrooms are overflowing with lights, bathroom fixtures, and more. Plus, there’s a soaking tub sitting in my dining room. The box is too heavy and too big to move anywhere else in my current home.

Bathroom with farmhouse mirrors and white cabinets

So far I’ve purchased two mirrors. I have one for the upstairs bath and one for the powder room. They were both on sale, but still a little pricy. Of course, when I see mirrors that cost several thousand dollars each, I don’t mind spending a few hundred per mirror.

Check out all my favorite modern farmhouse mirrors below. Also, don’t forget to check places like Home Goods. I was shopping in Home Goods a few days ago and saw some beautiful mirrors for only $69 each.

And you know the drill – if you see something you love at Home Goods, grab it. It probably won’t be there the next day.

This is one of my favorite mirrors that I actually purchased for my new house! I haven’t decided if it will go in the upstairs bathroom or in my foyer. I think it’s so pretty and unique.

How Far Above The Sink Should A Mirror Be?

mirror hanging over a sink

I constantly amaze my husband with random facts like this. I can’t help it. It’s a thing with me because I’m all about symmetry and all that jazz.

Ideally, a bathroom mirror should be 5-10 inches above the highest peak (faucet) of the sink. Center the mirror between the vanity lighting and the sink.

I’m going with sconces on either side of the mirror so they need to be at eye level (about 64 inches above the floor).

If you’re hanging a mirror above a console table, hang it about 5 inches above the table.

If you’re hanging a mirror over the couch, 8-12 inches above is a good rule of thumb.

What About Full-Length Mirrors?

Full-length mirrors are all the rage these days and they aren’t just for your bedroom or closet.

Many full-length mirrors are made to lean and aren’t meant to hang at all. A full-length mirror leaning against the wall will certainly brighten up a corner in your home.

When it comes to hanging a full-length mirror, make sure you can see your entire body in the mirror – including your feet.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Mirrors

One of the mirrors below is way more expensive than the rest of them. (Be still my mirror-loving heart!) Can you guess which one? Leave a comment and let me know.

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