Best Moving Tips

We are in the final stage of our new build. Of course, that’s what I’ve been hearing for four weeks. Finishing touches are being made this week. Hopefully, we will move in next week! So today I’m sharing my best moving tips.

But first . . .

March 7, 2022, marked the 15th month of our actual house build. We were ready to build our custom house in late July of 2020 but our custom builder was finishing up two houses so we didn’t get to start until December 7, 2020.

Since this is a custom house, not a production or spec house, our builder only has a couple of houses being built at the same time.

Latest Update On New House Build

The gutters are in. The gas company is finishing up their part and the driveway columns should be finished next weekend.

black gutters and downspouts on white modern farmhouse

This week, finishing touches will be made to the cabinets (hardware, adjustments, etc) and the painters will come back and put another coat of paint on the trim and do all the touchups. So many touchups!

I don’t even want to talk about landscaping. We haven’t got the quotes back yet so I’ll keep you updated when we do.

Best Moving Tips

This is not my first rodeo when it comes to moving. I grew up in Georgia, moved to Oklahoma for Bible college and after graduating, we moved here to South Carolina.

Best Moving Tips - Boxes being packed for move to new house

I’ve learned a few moving tips over the years so I thought I’d share them with you today. We have never hired movers, even when we moved to OK and then to SC. We rented a U-Haul and did it ourselves. That’s how we roll. 🙂

Now, if we had a company paying for the move, I’d definitely let the movers do it, but it’s just us so these are great tips for DIY movers.

1. Plan and prepare! This is the best tip I can give you.

2. Purge! Start early and donate or sell everything you don’t use or need.

3. Begin packing as soon as you can. By starting early, you can pack a little at a time and it’s not overwhelming. We cleaned out our attic a few months ago and I’m so glad we have that behind us.

4. Stock up on boxes and packing tape. I love Home Depot boxes. They come in different sizes. I also saved a lot of sturdy Amazon boxes to use for packing.

5. Mark every box with the room it goes in and what’s in the box. That way, your kitchen stuff ends up in the right place.

6. Don’t overload the boxes! Someone has to carry those boxes. Fill them to the top, putting heavier items on the bottom but don’t overpack. That’s why I like medium-sized boxes. They are easier to handle.

6. Leave your clothes in the drawers. Remove the drawers from the dresser and wrap the drawers with stretch wrap. When you get to your new home, just unwrap the drawers and place them back in the dresser.

7. Leave clothes on the hangers. Wrap in large garbage bags or hang in wardrobe boxes.

Let The Moving And Unpacking Begin!

Our new house is less than a mile from our current home. We’re renting a U-Haul and enlisting the help of our grown children to help with the move.

Thankfully I have strong sons, sons-in-law, and grandsons! They are more than willing to help with our move.

Once we move in, the unpacking begins. Then we get to the fun part – the decor. Of course, I know that part will take time.

I’ve been looking at rugs and I ordered this runner for my new navy and white kitchen.

runner for new kitchen

I’m sharing some of my favorite decor items down below! If you love an item, just click the pic to shop or get more info.

Alli loves her southern, country lifestyle. Whether she's decorating her new modern farmhouse or cooking up a storm for her family, Alli is all about living her best life now and spoiling her grandkids! She enjoys traveling, reading, Duke basketball, photography, and all things coastal. Alli wants to be a beach bum when she grows up.

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