Favorite Backsplash Tile

The tile guy is almost finished with the backsplash tile. Once the pantry is done, we’re done. With the tile, that is. Yay!

But first, the latest update on the new build . . .

We are so close to moving into our new home. We’re waiting on the cabinet and trim guys to finish up. Then the painter comes back to put another coat of paint on the trim work, do some touchups on the walls and we are done.

When I say done, I mean ready to move in. The glass guy still has to install the shower glass. The awning company has to install the exterior awnings and the columns at the end of the driveway should be finished by the end of the week. Oh, and the gutters are going in at some point.

But those are mostly just cosmetic things (well, not the gutters, of course) that don’t have to be completed before we move in.

We met with a landscaper last week and he’s putting some things together for us. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Funny story: Under my contacts in my phone I have all the different trades listed as their first name, followed by their occupation. For instance, I have Jhonatan Electrician, Bodie Tile Guy, etc. That’s how I keep everyone straight.

I may or may not have mentioned that our contractor moved 2-1/2 hours away smack dab in the middle of our new build. He never stopped by much before he moved, so after he moved, we’ve pretty much handled the build ourselves.

Yeah, not the scenario I had pictured in my mind when we started this process.

Back To My Favorite Backsplash Tile

I went neutral in all the bathrooms but I really wanted to add a pop of color in the kitchen, laundry room, and butler’s pantry.

Now, most people go neutral when it comes to a kitchen backsplash tile but I’m not most people. I like living on the wild side of things when it comes to decorating.

I have nothing against white subway tile. As a matter of fact, my first pick for my kitchen backsplash was wavy white subway tile. Then I changed my mind.

My walls and kitchen cabinets are pure white by Sherwin Williams. I love light and bright. I’ve lived with builder beige for so long.

So, I decided to bring in some color with my backsplash.

Yes, I agree that a backsplash is not an easy change like say, a light fixture. I’ve already changed out several light fixtures already, so I know. But my favorite color is blue. Always has been. Always will be.

Favorite Backsplash Tile For Laundry Room

I went with a bold Floor Tile in my laundry room. So I decided to go with a beautiful blue on the backsplash tile. I used black grout. I think the tile guy was a little weary, but this ended up being everyone’s favorite backsplash!

The laundry room isn’t finished yet but you can see the backsplash tile in the photo below.

laundry room backsplash tile - navy subway with black grout

Favorite Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Remember, originally I was going with a wavy white subway tile. It’s gorgeous! But at the last minute, I decided to stop playing it safe and to go all-in with color.

I have always loved Arabesque tile. There’s just something about the pattern and texture that this tile adds to a space. So, when I found this backsplash tile, I fell madly in love. It has all my favorite blues!

I also used this tile for the butler’s pantry backsplash.

Arabesque tile with shades of blue
Photo Via Wayfair

I decided to go with white grout and I think it turned out so pretty.

As you can tell, the kitchen is not complete in the photo below but you can get an idea of how the tile looks.

Cafe Matte White Wall Ovens With French Doors

Pantry Backsplash

My pantry is not huge (6-5×5-9) but I decided to do actual cabinets in my pantry instead of shelves like it called for. We also added a quartzite countertop.

I will keep my small appliances in the pantry, including the microwave and stand mixer. So I decided to add a backsplash just in case I’m using my mixer and something splashes on the wall.

Since I went bold in the kitchen, I decided to go neutral in the pantry. Honestly, if I had seen this marble tile first, I may have used this one on the kitchen backsplash and the navy in the pantry. It’s so gorgeous in real life but has not been installed yet.

marble backsplash tile
photo via Wayfair

Favorite Backsplash Tile

I’m sharing some of my favorite backsplash tiles below. I ordered all of my backsplash tile and my laundry room floor tile from Wayfair. I was very pleased with how well the tile was packaged. There were no broken or chipped tiles in my order. None.

If you see a tile below that you like, just click the photo to shop or to get more information.

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