White Oak Hardwood Floors

I can’t believe I haven’t written a post about my white oak hardwood floors. What was I thinking? Keep reading to see why I’m talking about the floors today.

When it came time to pick out the flooring for our new modern farmhouse build, I had a difficult time making up my mind.

I knew I wanted to go with hardwood, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted a prefinished engineered hardwood or the real deal.

I finally decided to go with white oak hardwood floors throughout my entire house. It was costly but I love my floors. We went with Natural Stain by Duraseal.

navy and white kitchen

Water Damage On My White Oak Hardwood Floors

About a month after we moved in, my husband was filling the butler’s pantry sink with water when he received a phone call. He walked off and forgot all about the water.

By the time he remembered, the water had overflowed and there was a couple of inches of water on the floor.

We dried the floors as quickly as possible. Then my husband went under the house (we have a crawlspace) and removed some of the insulation so that the floors could dry out.

Even with everything we did, several of the boards buckled. Yes, I almost cried.

We called the floor guy and he said usually the floors will settle back down once they dry out. That didn’t happen.

So today, the floor guys are back, fixing the boards that buckled. They will have to be sanded, restained, and resealed. It will take about a week before we can walk through the butler’s pantry.

Why Go With White Oak Hardwood Flooring?

To me, nothing comes close to the look of real hardwood flooring!

White Oak pairs perfectly with cool or warm tones!

White Oak is a closed-grained wood which makes it a little more water-resistant than other hardwood floors (unless your husband lets the sink run over.)

It has a rustic look (so if you do get scratches, it doesn’t stand out as much as some woods).

Oak flooring is timeless!

Would I Do It Again?

Yes! I love the real deal and I really love my white oak hardwood!

We are empty nesters and we don’t have pets. We do have large family gatherings every week (five grandkids!) and the floors have held up beautifully except for my husband’s accident. And that was clearly his fault. 🙂

I looked at LVP and from what I hear, it’s a great product, it just isn’t for me.

My sister went with wood look tile when they build in GA two years ago and it’s beautiful. You can follow my sis on Instagram here!

great room featuring windows that will soon have window treatments

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