Concrete Footings – Farmhouse New Build

Concrete Footings – Farmhouse New Build

The sun is shining. The concrete footings were poured four days before Christmas. It’s a great day to have a great day.

concrete footings being poured new construction site

I was taking the day off – you know – Monday, the week of Christmas, etc. when I got the call that the concrete was being poured. The foundation/framing foreman called to see if I wanted to come down and take photos. Of course, I do.

concrete footings and rebar for a new house

I quickly pulled on a Duke sweatshirt (Go Duke!) over my Duke t-shirt and yoga pants and rushed down to the property to take a few pics.

One of the crewmen asked where Duke was. I just laughed, thinking he must be a Tar Heel fan. Nope, he’s from LA and had no idea. So, I explained.

That same guy said, “I’ve never seen footings this wide before. It must be a heavy house.” I just smiled because we had already had that conversation with the foreman. Yes, they are wide but that’s what the plan calls for, so we went with it.

concrete poured into trenches for footings

What Are Concrete Footings?

Concrete footings are part of the foundation construction – a very important part. Trenches are dug, rebar enforcement is added and then the concrete is poured. There were four concrete trucks on our property today. Footings support the foundation and prevent settling.

Concrete pouring out of concrete truck into trenches

I Love The Building Process

I look forward to decorating my new house and I already have most of the lighting, cabinets, etc. picked out. But I also love the entire building process from the ground up.

I know that there will be delays and days where it looks like nothing gets done, but I’ve decided to practice patience during this entire process. Even when I’m tempted to get All is well!

Now that the concrete footings have been poured, the next step is building inspection! I hope we don’t have to wait a long time for the inspection. Then it will time to frame the house. I’m really looking forward to the framing process – the time when the house actually starts to take shape.

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