Foundation Blocks And Brick – Farmhouse

Foundation Blocks And Brick – Farmhouse

We visited my dad in my GA hometown last week (the week after Christmas) and the foundation blocks were delivered. Yes, it’s time for the foundation blocks and brick. Yay! Happy New Year 2021.

Foundation Continues

All the rainy days delayed progress on the foundation for a couple of days but hey, we must have rain to live so I’m good. 

I love that the foundation/framing guy keeps us updated on the progress of our new home. When we let him know we’d be out of town Monday – Wednesday, he told us that the sand and blocks would be delivered and probably not much work happening. 

We have trail cameras so I was able to watch the trucks coming in and out of the property. (I have to got to name my farmhouse so I can stop calling it the property). I think every house needs a name. 

The photo below was captured with my trail camera. 

Block being delivered by a flatbed truck for the block and brick foundation

Farmhouse Is Beginning To Take Shape 

All of the blocks have been delivered and the block/bricklayers were working at the property on Wednesday.

foundation being built for house - blocks around the outline of where the house will be

It rained Thursday and Friday. Of course, Friday was New Years Day so I didn’t expect to see anyone working. 

Brick Layers working on the block and brick foundation of our new home

Selecting Brick For Our New Farmhouse

I never realized that selecting brick for my new house would be so difficult. The siding for the new build is the James Hardie board.

We will have bricks covering the foundation with a rowlock on top. The porch and lanai columns will have brick foundations. 

What is a rowlock? The top row of brick is laid on its face with the end visible in the wall face. 

I thought I knew exactly what color brick I wanted until our general contractor sent us to the Palmetto Brick showroom to actually pick out the brick. It was overwhelming, in a good way.  

I like a brick that looks old and has a little bit of a German smear. I’m not really into the heavy-handed German smear, but I do like a little touch of it. 

German smear is similar to whitewashing. Instead of using diluted latex paint, the brick is coated with a layer of mortar. 

The brick I picked out actually looks like it has already had the technique applied. I think I’m going to love it. 

Foundation Blocks And Brick Color

The weather forecast is calling for clear skies Monday – Thursday, so hopefully the blocks will be laid and the brick can go in. The color of brick I’m going with is called Woodstock and it comes in queen size. 

Brick for Foundation Modern Farmhouse New Build

The brick has not been delivered yet, but I’ll keep you all posted. 

Update: The brick was delivered. They will go on after the framing (I had it backward) so we are waiting for the lumber to arrive so that the framing can begin. 

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