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Appliances are going in this week and I have to say that I’m beyond excited. I’ve been waiting for this day for over 14 months. I decided early on to go with Café appliances. It’s a good thing I decided way in advance because most kitchen appliances are on backorder.

My original kitchen plans called for a 48″ gas range. However, I knew I wanted double wall ovens (large family AND a food blog) and my mom always had a wall oven when I was growing up (JennAir) and I loved it. So I changed things around.

Cafe Professional Appliances

Café Professional Series

The Café Professional Series is owned by GE and launched in 2018 as their high-end brand. The matte collection (matte white or matte black) is Café’s first line of customizable appliances. These appliances also come in stainless steel.

You can choose from an array of metal knobs, handle choices, and premium finishes to reflect your own style.

Which Café Appliances Did I Purchase?

Originally, I had my heart set on a Wolf range top. You know, the one with the red knobs. But one day I was online researching and I found the Café™ Professional Series 30″ Smart Built-In Convection French-Door Double Wall Oven. I fell hard for that matte white beauty.

Overlook the chipped cabinet drawer. It was done while they were installing the double ovens. It will be replaced.

Cafe Matte White Wall Ovens With French Doors

The next thing I knew, I was designing my entire kitchen around that double oven. I love that you can open one french door and both doors open. Plus, it has an air fryer built right in.

wall ovens with door opened

The oven is a little pricy so I let go of my Wolf dreams and went with a Cafe cooktop. I saved enough right there to justify the splurge on the oven.

I ordered the french door double oven, dishwasher, cooktop, beverage fridge, and refrigerator in January 2021, not long after our new build started on Dec. 7, 2021. It took nine months for the appliances to arrive.

If you’re just beginning a new build or remodel, make sure you order your appliances early.

The Café Fridge Wouldn’t Fit In My Refrigerator Cutout

It was so hard to cancel the matte white fridge of my dreams. Way after I ordered it, I found out that my kitchen plans called for a 42″ built-in refrigerator. I tried to get the framers to make the cutout deeper but I found out there’s a header right in that spot that’s holding up the entire second floor.

So now my cabinet maker has to add panels to my built-in fridge that I never wanted. This is one of those give and takes that I had to get over.

Which White Paint Color Matches Café Matte White Appliances?

I did quite a bit of research on this. The paint colors that GE suggests using were way off base (in my very humble opinion).

I couldn’t find any Café Appliances in stock at any of my local stores, so I decided to order the Café Matte White Toaster.

Cafe White Matte Toaster

     (photo via Wayfair)

I held it up against paint samples in my kitchen after the drywall was mudded and taped.

For my house (lighting, etc) the clear winner is Pure White by Sherwin Williams. Pure White is considered a neutral color – not too warm and not too cool.

To me, Pure White has a very subtle gray undertone. The matte white Café appliances have the same undertone. The appliances look amazing with my pure white walls.

The color is a little off when compared to my cabinets. I have a sneaky suspicion that the cabinet color was color-matched to Sherwin Williams Pure White. Or it could be the sheen of the cabinets. I’m sure no one will notice but me.

If you decide on the matte white appliances and white cabinets, don’t go with a warm white like Alabaster. Because Alabaster is a warmer white, it may look yellow against the matte white appliances.

Make sure you click this link to go to my home page to shop my home. I’ve included links for these appliances and many other items I’ve purchased for my home.



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