Favorite Cabinets With Glass Doors

I’m looking for a tall cabinet with glass doors so I’m sharing all my favorite cabinets down below. Make sure you leave a comment and tell me which cabinet is your favorite.

January is super busy around here. Actually, I’m writing this post at the airport in Shreveport while I wait on the plane to head back to Charlotte.

My husband and I were in Alabama last week, Louisiana this week (both work-related), and Hilton Head (not work-related) next week.

I love to travel but I also love to be at home and I really miss my house and grandkids. I miss my kids, too. 🙂

January Happenings At My Modern Farmhouse

Is January not the longest month ever? At least it seems that way to me.

A few days after Christmas, all the decorations came down and I won’t lie, the house looks a little bare. I LOVE Christmas but once it’s over, I’m done.

I’m seriously thinking about wallpapering the 1/2 bath – the one that the guests use. I think it needs a little drama but I’m kinda still on the fence. I need to head over to Pinterest for a little inspiration. If I decide to go for it, I’m thinking peel and stick.

If you’ve wallpapered your bathroom, I’d love for you to leave an encouraging comment down below.


Also, my down-the-road neighbor just got chickens and I’ve thought about taking the plunge but I don’t know. They are so cute but it’s a commitment. Farm-fresh eggs sound really good about now with these high prices. My husband is not on board so I don’t think that’s happening.

And, one of my Pindo Palms died. Thankfully, my plants are guaranteed for a year so any that die over the winter will be replaced in the spring. If you’re hiring a landscaper designer, make sure you ask about a one-year warranty. I have it but my sister did not and she had to replace the dead plants herself.

We’ve had some warm days lately and I’ve enjoyed getting out and walking around our property. I recently shared this photo over on Instagram. It’s a side of my house that I rarely show.

side of modern farmhouse

I’ll be so happy when the landscaping company sows the grass seed in the spring!

Staircase Nook

I have a little nook on the side of my staircase/entryway that is still empty. I want to get a tall cabinet with glass doors to put there. So I’m looking but I don’t want to spend a fortune.

Down below I’m sharing the cabinets I’m looking at, the navy/white chair and side table I just purchased, and other things I’m loving in January.

What are you up to this month?

Favorite Cabinets With Glass Doors (and the chair and side table I just purchased)

Just click the photos below to get more info!

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