Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays

Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays

While we are waiting for the lumber to be delivered so that the framing can begin on our new build (Woodside Haven – we named our house this past Saturday), I want to show you some of my favorite farmhouse-inspired tiered trays.

I have a thing for tiered trays and pretty cake plates. I love to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest to see all the ways a tiered tray can be styled.

You can certainly make your own homemade tiered tray. But I’ve found some below that are too hard to pass up. (And many times I can buy decor pieces cheaper than I can try to craft them.)

How To Style A Farmhouse Tiered Tray

A tiered farmhouse tray is a quick and easy way to change up your decor. Whether you display one on a dining table, entry table, or kitchen island, tiered trays are easy to decorate and are all the rage right now.

Styled tiered trays reflect what we love and our personal style. I never tire of looking at all the different farmhouse type trays that inspire me to create a styled tray of my own.

Choose A Tray You Absolutely Love

I’m finally getting to the point/age in life where I don’t buy it unless I absolutely love it. Looking back, I could have saved so much money when I was younger. Don’t settle for a tray you don’t love!

Keep scrolling to the end to find my favorite farmhouse trays. Just click on a photo to shop straight from this post. I earn from qualifying purchases.

What Do You Want To Showcase?

Holidays are a perfect time to display a themed tray. Plus, a tray doesn’t take long to style. From hot cocoa trays in the wintertime to spring-inspired trays to coastal summer trays, farmhouse tiered trays are always in season.

Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays With A Christmas Theme including peppermints in a small vase

Add Your Favorite Pieces

Don’t be afraid to move things around until you love the way the tray looks. The spring tray below is simple yet beautiful.

Make sure to use decor pieces that are of different heights and textures.

Spring Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays with lemons and sprigs of yellow flowers

Add The Finishing Touches

At this time, add some small floral accents and maybe a small sign. Fill the gaps with things you love and you’ll have a gorgeous styled tray.

I swoon over every one of these trays showcased at French Creek Farmhouse. You’ll get so many ideas!

Of course, you don’t have to style a tiered tray at all. Use it to serve your favorite small desserts or appetizers.

Pink and white cupcakes on a three tired pink tray

Favorite Farmhouse Tiered Trays

Below you’ll find my favorite farmhouse tiered trays. Just click a pic to shop straight from this site.


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Farmhouse Inspired Tiered Tray With spring flowers and lemons

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