Favorite Modern Farmhouse Baskets

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Baskets

Decorative baskets are not only pretty but they are great to have on hand for extra storage. Today I’m sharing all my favorite modern farmhouse baskets.

It’s going to be hard to decide which ones I’ll purchase for my new house. So many decisions.

Update On The Progress Of Our New House

Monday, April 19 was a busy day! I met with the cabinet guy at the new build and when I got there the main floor windows were being installed.

By the end of the day, most of the windows were installed on the main floor and I love them. I went with Anderson Windows –  black on the outside and white on the inside.

The staircases haven’t been installed yet so I haven’t seen the upstairs. I want to get in that bonus room and the upstairs so badly!

And, the roofers are on the site today. They are laying the roofing paper as I speak or well, type.

Oh, and remember when I ordered the kitchen appliances back on January 12? As of today (April 21) two appliances have shipped (nor arrived) and I’m waiting on the last three that are back-ordered. I still have a while but I really need those appliances here in the next couple of months.

But today we’re not going to talk about appliances. We’re talking about one of my favorite subjects – all my favorite modern farmhouse baskets.

favorite modern farmhouse baskets - a woven basket with a doggie sitting inside

How To Use Modern Farmhouse Baskets

Decorative baskets are great to use for storage and they help keep things organized. Bonus: The baskets I’m sharing today are gorgeous and add texture to any room.

In the bathroom, you can store toilet tissue or rolled-up towels in a pretty decorative basket. I’ve got my eye on this Serene and Lily basket to store extra toilet paper in my powder room. It’s so beautiful!

In the great room, baskets are ideal for storing extra pillows and blankets or even books. If you have small kids, baskets are a pretty way to keep favorite toys and books corralled.

Tuck a couple of decorative baskets under the entry room console table for extra storage. A small basket in the mudroom is an excellent place to keep your keys.

Organize the pantry by adding decorative baskets. Wire baskets are perfect for storing potatoes and onions. Keep packaged food in wicker baskets.

wire basket on a table with books inside

My Favorite Modern Farmhouse Baskets

The baskets below are my top favorite baskets. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases with no extra cost to you.

I love the bone-shaped basket below. It’s perfect for keeping up with all the dog’s toys or treats.

Happy basket shopping!

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