Favorite Modern Farmhouse Rugs

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Rugs

I’m having a blast sharing all of my favorite farmhouse decorating ideas. I love having all the things in one place so that when it comes time to actually decorate, I’m ready. Today I’m sharing my favorite modern farmhouse rugs.

Once our house is built and I actually get to for real decorate, I’ll add all the links to my items. That way, if you want to shop for items I have in my own house, you’ll be able to find all the links in one place.

living room anchored with a modern farmhouse rug

I hate when I fall in love with something while scrolling Instagram and can’t find a link. That’s one of the reasons why I like linking to everything I love. There’s a big chance that if I love it, someone else will love it too.

New Build Update

Before we look at my favorite rugs, I’ll give you a quick update on our new build. The framers finally built the dormer window. Before, it just looked like a big hole in the roof. Now, most of the windows are in.

You can see the cutout below. It’s the window over the laundry room porch and door. Of course, the door hasn’t been stained yet.

new house before windows built out

This is the window now:

new house showing the window that has been framed out

The roofers are almost finished with the roof. They had to wait until that one window was framed up before finishing. The shingles are Estate Gray. It’s a medium gray and I’m very happy with how they look.

gray shingles on a roof

This coming week should be walkthroughs with the plumber and electrician. The framing guys should be finishing up in a week or two.

I’m also in the process of picking out the stain for my exterior doors. And waiting patiently (not) on my kitchen appliances that have been on backorder for 4 months.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Rugs

A rug adds texture and softens a room. It’s a great way to add color and I’m all about pops of color.

When it comes to price, they are all over the place. Personally, I try to save money on rugs so I’m all over a good sale.

Take your time when picking out the perfect rug for your space.

What Size Rug Do I Need?

A rug doesn’t cover the entire floor. You need to measure your space and pay close attention to the dimensions of a rug. It’s always best to leave at least a one-foot border between the rug and the walls.

Living Room

in the living room, a rug should anchor the sitting area. Some designers say that only the front two legs of furniture need to be on the rug. That’s totally fine if your furniture is against a wall.

For me, I like for all of the furniture legs to be on the rug. This is just personal preference but it’s something I feel strongly about. If you go too small with a  rug in a large room, it just doesn’t look right.

Dining Room

Choose a rug big enough so there’s room to pull out a chair. So, that means a rug should extend two feet beyond the table on all sides.

If you have an extendable table, then the rug needs to be two feet wider on all sides when the table is extended.

Again, I’d rather not have a rug than have one that’s too small for the space.

In my breakfast area, I’ll have a round table. I’ve already purchased my rectangle rug from Home Goods. It was a great deal and I fell in love.


Again, you can place a rug under the entire bed and nightstands or just place it under the bottom two-thirds of the bed. Either way, make sure you allow 2-3 feet on either side of the bed so your first steps out of bed will be on the rug.

Kitchen Runners

Kitchen runners add warmth and color to your kitchen. Measure your space and make sure you look for a flat weave rug that’s washable.

Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is an easy way to add texture and color to a room. It’s best to layer rugs in a large space that doesn’t have a lot of furniture. A bedroom or living room is the perfect place to layer rugs.

You can actually layer a rug over a carpeted room. You can also add a smaller rug over a larger rug over tile or hardwood.

My favorite layered look is a larger sisal rug with a slightly smaller patterned rug placed on top.

Always make sure the rugs are scaled to the size of the room. A small rug in a large room looks odd.

My Favorite Modern Farmhouse Rugs

I’ve listed all of my favorite modern farmhouse rugs below. Just click on the pic to order straight from this post. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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favorite modern farmhouse rugs

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