Favorite Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowls

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowls

A dough bowl is a vessel that is carved from wood. Back in the olden days, every home had a dough bowl for making bread. Today I’m sharing all my favorite Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowls.

My grandma always used her dough bowl to make delicious biscuits. Her bowl was nothing like the long ones you see these days. It was round and man, I wish I had that thing.

I do have a dough bowl that belonged to my mom and I cherish it even more now that she’s in heaven.

These days, dough bowls are mostly used for decoration. If you happen to come across a really old one, grab that baby up. If you can’t find an actual antique, I’ve found so many beautiful bowls and you can’t even tell they aren’t vintage.

Have you seen the XXL dough bowls? They are so pretty.

XL Wooden Dough Board leaning against an old wooden house

But First – An Update On The House

The framing was a slow go for a while. But things really picked up last week. The house is almost wrapped. They got about 1/2 of it done before knocking off last Friday.

The photo below shows the side of the house behind the garage.

new house being built

The framer sub-contractor told us that our house is one of the top two most difficult houses he’s ever built. The roof has so many pitches. Sorry. Not Sorry.

I snapped a photo of the house before they started wrapping it. There’s a window up top that has to be built out.

house before being wrapped

Speaking of windows, they arrived last week and the framers will begin installing them on Monday. Yes!

And the staircases are supposed to be installed next week as well. I haven’t seen the upstairs or the bonus room yet because we don’t have stairs. Yet.

Last week I met with the HVAC guy and the interior doors guy. So things are starting to move along.

Now, back to dough bowls.

How To Style A Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowl

Dough bowls are ideal for displaying seasonal decor. These bowls can be used as a centerpiece on a dining table, on a kitchen island, or on a console table.

This console table below features simple greenery in a wooden dough bowl with a living succulent wall above the table.

You can also display fruit, vegetables, or candles in a dough bowl.

Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowl with greenery
Via Pottery Barn

How To Care For A Dough Bowl

vintage wooden dough bowl on table

Never soak a wooden dough bowl in water. It’s fine to use water to clean a wooden bowl, just don’t let it sit in the water and soak.

I always use food-grade mineral oil and I care for my dough bowl the same way I care for my cutting boards. I share how I care for cutting boards here.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a really old dough bowl, this article will help you learn how to give life to that find.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Dough Bowls

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Which is your favorite dough bowl?

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