Favorite Modern Farmhouse Beds

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Beds

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Whether you’re smack dab in the middle of a major remodel, just sprucing up a bit, or in the midst of building a new home, it’s time to talk furniture. Bedroom furniture, that is. Beds to be more exact.

favorite modern farmhouse beds with pillows on top

New Modern Farmhouse Build Update

There’s not a whole lot going on right now. Well, there is, but not anything exciting. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC should be wrapping up this week.

The electrician was wiring the garage yesterday.

electrician wiring garage for new house

And the bricklayers are scheduled to arrive today to work on the porches and steps. That’s exciting!

And I had to purchase an insert for the range hood. Fun times!

The HVAC guy does all the ductwork for the range hood vent and this is the range insert I purchased. I talked to the HVAC guy first and asked if a split unit was best and he said yes, so I bought it.

I’ve learned that whenever I’m in doubt, ask the experts.

When purchasing a hood vent insert, I’ve read that baffles (as opposed to mesh) are the best. Also, you have to make sure you get enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to handle the BTUs. Since I’ll have a gas cooktop with a total of 59,000 BTUs, I knew I needed at least 600 CFM, so I went with 800.

How To Calculate The CFM You Need For Your Range Hood Insert

If you’re cooking with gas, add the total BTUs of each burner and divide that number by 100.

The total for my 5 burners came to 59,000 BTUs. If your BTUs total 60,000, your range hood insert should be at least 600 CFM. I went with 800 to be safe.

If you have an electric range or cooktop, multiply the stove’s width by 10. For a 36 inch electric stove, you will need at least 360 CFM.

(When this build is over, I’ll know way more than I ever wanted to know about building a house)

 My Favorite Mattress

So many people have asked me if I’m going to buy all new furniture for the new house. That’s a big, fat no!

A few years ago I purchased new queen-size beds for my current guest rooms (yes, plural, because, you know, empty-nester here). So I’m good in that department.

My husband and I currently have a king-size bed and I love my mattress and the bed, but I think part of the fabric headboard has faded – just a streak where the morning sun hits it every morning. So I’m on the quest for a new king-sized bed.

As you know, no matter how beautiful a bed is, it all comes down to comfort. A good mattress and high-count Egyptian cotton sheets are a must for me.

Unfortunately, the mattress I have is currently out of stock, but this mattress is real close to mine.

Favorite Egyptian Cotton Sheets

When it comes to sheets, I’m picky. Real picky. It’s worth it to splurge in this area because comfort is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

These Sferra sheets are amazing and so are these!

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Beds

Listed below are my favorite modern farmhouse beds. As you probably know, I love a little coastal modern farmhouse vibe so I’ve included all the beds I love. Any of these beds would add beauty to a modern farmhouse bedroom.

Just click a pic to shop straight from this site! Happy shopping!





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