Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances

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If you’ve been keeping up with the home building industry, you probably know that most kitchen appliances are on backorder. Today I’m sharing my favorite modern farmhouse kitchen appliances, my huge refrigerator mistake, and an update on the new build.

modern farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinets and a white farmhouse sink

Update On New House Build

All of the exterior doors are in and I’m in love with my double front doors. The original front door was a single with transoms on either side. I changed it to a double with a transom on top. Give me all the light! These doors are not stained yet.

Double Front Doors in new house build - looking from the foyer towards the double doors

This week it’s all about HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. I’ve done so many walkthroughs making sure the electric outlets are where I want them to be and that the lighting is centered, etc.

Thankfully, all of the subcontractors working at our house are the best – easy-going, helpful, and kind.

Current Kitchen Appliances

I’ve had stainless steel appliances for years. And to be frank, I’m over it. A year ago, we replaced an almost brand new stainless steel fridge (it was a lemon!) in our current house with a new SS fridge and they sent the wrong fridge. Right brand, the right size, wrong style.

The one I had purchased was fingerprint-resistant. The one they sent was not. It’s been a nightmare to keep clean so I’m pretty much over it.

Kitchen Appliances For New Build

At the very beginning, I had my heart set on a 48″ Wolf range top. It was my dream kitchen appliance.

After I had the architect remove the giant kitchen peninsula separating the kitchen from the great room, I lost a lot of cabinets. So, we increased the size of the island.

I also lost counter space when I changed from a range to double wall ovens and a cooktop.

Once I saw the french door white matte Café double ovens, I was head over heels in love. So I changed everything up, eventually going with a 36″ Café cooktop that has five burners instead of my dream Wolf range top.

My BFF told me that she wished she could be more like me. She reminded me that while she plays it safe in decorating, she loves that I make bold moves – like choosing white matte (fingerprint resistant) appliances instead of traditional stainless steel.

I do make bold choices and I also have to stop myself from agonizing over them at times. The building process is not for the faint of heart.

I Ordered The Wrong Size Refrigerator!

About a month ago, I was notified that my back-ordered Café refrigerator and dishwasher were being shipped. I was thrilled because I ordered my kitchen appliances on January 12. Today is May 13th. I still have three appliances on backorder.

Y’all, that refrigerator is so beautiful! And I had to reject it and send it back.

When I ordered my kitchen appliances, the kitchen wasn’t even framed in yet. And, I made a huge mistake! I thought as long as I didn’t go over the size of the cutout, they could build the refrigerator opening to the specifications of my new fridge.

I was wrong. So, so wrong.

My refrigerator will be on one side of the kitchen, right beside the pantry. The framing around/above that area is holding up the entire second story. I found out that tidbit of news when I tried to get the framer to change the size of the refrigerator opening. It’s a no-go.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Vs. Standard

When I realized the dimensions of the cutout for the fridge couldn’t be changed, I had to cancel the refrigerator that had already been shipped. The rep I talked to told me to simply refuse the fridge and I’d get a refund.

So, in my new house, my refrigerator must be counter-depth aka built-in. It can’t be a standard fridge.

I mean, it could, but it would look awful and stick way out of the cutout. That means the island would have to be moved over and shortened and so much more.

A counter-depth refrigerator offers a custom, seamless design.  These refrigerators are usually wider and more shallow than a standard refrigerator. Plus, they cost (at least in my experience) way more than a standard refrigerator. (Triple the price of my first choice!!!)

You can see below how a counter-depth fridge looks.

kitchen featuring white cabinets on the island with gold pendant lights and barstools with a blue fabric on top

Standard depth refrigerators are more affordable and you have more models to choose from. They are deeper and usually have a larger storage capacity.

My Pet Peeve

I can’t stand the thought of a refrigerator sticking out way past the cutout. It’s just one of my pet peeves, so I splurged for a 42-inch wide counter-depth (built-in) refrigerator.

Since the one I ultimately went with doesn’t come in my favorite white matte (only SS or panel ready), I had to go the panel-ready route since I’m going with white matte appliances. That drives the cost up even more. Sigh.

The refrigerator is definitely a splurge but one I felt I had to make. I’ve also scored some really good deals so it all evens out eventually. (That’s what I keep telling myself!)

Gentle Reminders When Building A New Home

Know what you’re getting yourself into.

You will be making so many decisions, especially if you’re building a custom home. (I’m about to go purchase 4 exhaust fans for the bathrooms. I’ve learned more than I’ve ever wanted to know about sones and CFMs.)

Keep a tape measure in your car/purse. You’re going to need it. Go take care of that right now!

You will make mistakes.

Your builder will make mistakes. (One of the bedrooms upstairs is bigger than it was supposed to be. I like that mistake!)

Patience is key!

Don’t sweat the small things.

You will go over budget. Count on it!

I’ve said it time and time again, “My builder gave me a spec house budget.” 🙂

Save where you can and splurge where it counts!

The dining room and breakfast room chandeliers I fell in love with cost over $3,000 each. Once I made the decision to splurge on the fridge, I found more budget-friendly lighting for those two areas.

When you’re on a budget, it comes down to give and take. Find areas where you can save to make up for the splurge.

Take A Break From All Things Related To Building A New Home

A few nights ago we went with a group of friends/family to watch a Hornets game at the Spectrum Center (Charlotte, NC). It was just what I needed!

Our friends have a sweet luxury suite. I had never stepped foot in a suite before and I tell you, I could get used to the pampering, the food, and having all that room to stretch out. We were right next to the ESPN suite and we had a blast.

The Hornets lost to the Denver Nuggets but it was a very close game.

Helpful Hint If You’re Buying Café White Matte Appliances

If you’re planning on purchasing Café Matte White appliances to go with white cabinets, order the Café matte white toaster first.

There are so many different shades of white and you can take the toaster with you when you pick out the paint color for your cabinets. That’s what I did!

Check Out A Few Of My Favorite Things (click a pic to shop)

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