Modern Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

If you’re looking for a new dining room table with a farmhouse vibe, you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing modern farmhouse dining table ideas.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas - Dining Room Table with white wood chairs

I have a large family. When we all get together, there are 16 of us. A few years ago I found the perfect Pottery Barn dining table on Craig’s list. I bought it for cheap from a home in an exclusive neighborhood near Charlotte, NC. (The house was gorgeous!)

The couple selling the table was moving to California and didn’t want to bother moving that massive table. It was in like-new condition.

My husband, son-in-law and I loaded the table onto a trailer, covered it well, and took it home. It’s one heavy table and I love it (especially the price I paid!). I did have to buy chairs for the table.

This is the same style and color as the Pottery Barn table I purchased. It’s the larger size and in perfect condition. Click the photo to shop the look.

The table seats 12 with the leaves in. When the entire family is over for dinner or Sunday lunch, I have to put up a folding table for the kids.

Breakfast Room Farmhouse Style Table

These days I’m on the lookout for a farmhouse style table for my new breakfast room. I want something smaller and cozy. Since the builder hasn’t even started on the house, I have a while to find the perfect table.

New Build Update: Lumber prices have started to fall so we should be starting our new build in a couple of weeks (according to the general contractor).

What is A Modern Farmhouse Dining Table?

Farmhouse tables are simple, wooden tables that are usually heavy and well-built. The base of a farmhouse table comes in many styles.

The legs can make a table more rustic or modern. Some tables come with extra leaves and some don’t so make sure you check it out if you want your table to extend.

Some farmhouse style tables are made from reclaimed wood. I’m in love with reclaimed wood!

Medium toned wood farmhouse dining table in open dining room space

Tips On How To Choose The Right Farmhouse Table

Measure Your Space

Your dining table has to fit your space! I keep a measuring tape and the room measurements in my purse. I never know when I’m going to find a deal.

You need three feet of space on each side of your table. More is even better. You don’t want your dining room to look cramped.

Decide On The Shape of Your Table

Will you choose a round, oval, square, or rectangle table? Also, check out the base or legs of the table. You can get more people around a pedestal style table.

Choose The Material For Your Table

Solid wood is a classic and excellent choice. However, a solid wood table can be very expensive.

Wood veneer is usually less expensive than solid wood. A thin layer of wood is glued to a plywood or another wood core. Look for tables that are clearly labeled with what type of wood core is used.

Make Sure The Table Is Sturdy and Well Made

Look underneath the table. Wood joined with wood is strong. Too many attachments can weaken the construction.

Look at where the legs are joined to the table. If you see gaps or the table is wobbly, the table is not well made and will not be sturdy.

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

Whether you need a large dining room table (like me) or one not quite that big, here are my picks. Just click the photos below to shop for a table!


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