Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lighting Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lighting Ideas

When it comes to pendant lighting, there are so many styles to choose from. Modern farmhouse pendant lighting can be modern, rustic, or just about anything in between.

Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lighting Ideas - A white kitchen with an island

I’ve been looking at pendant lights for months. I want to find the perfect fixtures to hang above my future kitchen island. I know what size I’m looking for. It’s the color and shape that took me a while to figure out.

The general guideline is to hang pendants 30-36 inches above the kitchen island. This distance is measured from the top of your counter to the bottom of your pendant. Find out more here: Easy Guide to Lighting

farmhouse kitchen with pendant lights hanging over an island

The Size & Spacing of  Pendants Matter

Ideally, you want the space between each pendant light to be the same as the width of your pendant. For instance, if you have a 20-inch wide pendant, the space between the pendants should be approximately 20 inches.

My island will be on the large size at 8 feet long and 6 feet wide. That means I’m searching for two large pendants. Because I like two large ones instead of three smaller pendants.

Pro Tip: The longer the island and the higher the ceiling, the larger the pendents should be. You want the pendant to be large enough to fit the scale of the island and taller to fill the space better.

Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lighting Ideas - Gold pendants over white island

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

I’m sharing some of my favorite pendant lights below. If you want to find out more about a particular pendant light, just click on that light to get all the details.

Right this minute (this could all change when I actually get to the point of having to pick out lighting) I’m leaning toward these two pendants below.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a trend of using one large chandelier over a kitchen island. I’m kind of loving it. So I included a few chandeliers as well.


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