Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

Lately, I’ve been browsing lighting sites looking for modern farmhouse outdoor lighting. There are so many choices so I’m going to list all my favorite outdoor lighting at the end of this post.

I’ve already blown the “lighting allowance” for my new-build modern farmhouse and the framing is not even finished yet. Frankly, I don’t think contractors give you nearly enough allowance for all the things.

Since I’m already over budget, I’m trying hard to save money with the outside lighting. Wish me luck!

Outside lantern light on a porch

Garage Lighting

When it comes to lighting for my garage, I must have oversized lanterns. Did you know it’s actually hard to find oversized lighting? And, I need 4 wall lanterns (3 for the garage area and one for the front porch).

What Size Should Garage Lighting Be?

Right after the electrician hung the garage lights for my sister’s gorgeous new build in GA, she immediately texted me saying, “My garage lights are too small. I’m going to have to eventually change them out.” Ouch.

Garage lights should be 1/3 to 1/4 the height of the garage doors. When it comes to garage lighting, go big or go home.

For instance, my garage doors are 96 inches tall (8 feet). One-fourth of 96 is 24 inches. So, I need to have garage lights that are 24-32 inches tall.

Since my front door is a double door and it’s really tall, I’m going with a matching lantern just like my garage door.

My Inexpensive Garage Lighting

I finally found the modern farmhouse outdoor lighting of my dreams at So, I ordered four of these lights a couple of weeks ago. It’s considered a special order. When I checked the tracking today, it said they would be delivered in 12-19 weeks.

What??? Hopefully, these lights will ship way before then.


My Favorite Modern Farmhouse Outdoor Lighting

If you find a light you absolutely adore, just click the pic and shop directly from this post! I’ve also including a few hanging outdoor lights.

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