Modern Farmhouse Window Treatments

We’ve been in our new home for 5 weeks now. We are still waiting on landscape prices and I recently had an in-house consultation for window treatments. I’m also sharing some of my favorite modern farmhouse window treatments at the end of this post. Keep reading to see all my faves.

I initially had no plans to use window treatments/coverings anywhere except in the bedrooms and bathrooms. However, for about 30 minutes during the late afternoon, the sun streams through the side windows in the great room.

My windows are gorgeous and the trim is so pretty. I don’t want to cover them up but I don’t want family and friends to have to wear their sunnies inside in the late afternoon.

The photo below is looking from the kitchen into the great room.

great room featuring windows that will soon have window treatments

I’ve decided to go with shades since they are less noticeable than other window treatments.

What Are Window Treatments?

A window treatment is usually a decorative element that covers a window or hangs to the side of a window. It can serve as a decorative element or be used for privacy reasons or to block the sun. It can also be used for all three elements.

Different Types Of Window Treatments




Drapes (a more formal covering)


Lately, shades have gained popularity because of their clean lines. Plus they are practical and easy to maintain.

If you’re a DIY kind of person, you can find beautiful shades online that you can install yourself. You’ll save big when you do your own install.

How To Choose Window Treatments/Coverings.

1. Consider function – Do you want window treatments that are purely decorative or do you need privacy or shade from the sun?

2. Pay Attention To The Architecture of Your House – For instance, the two walls of windows in my great room just wouldn’t look right with curtains. Plus, there’s no space to hang curtains anyway.

3. Stay consistent. No, window treatments don’t have to be the same in every room but if you have an open concept you’ll probably want to keep window treatments consistent.

4. Make sure you budget for window treatments – They aren’t cheap and when you’re picking coverings for the entire house, it can get really pricy.

5. Decide if you want to purchase window coverings online or contact a local blinds store for an in-house consultation.

What Type Window Treatments Did I Choose?

I decided to go with shades. Here is a photo of the material I’m going with. It looks grayer in this photo but it really goes well with my wall color.

sample of window treatment

It matches perfectly with my Sherwin Williams Pure White Wall Color. This is my absolute favorite white. It’s a soft, neutral white that doesn’t read warm or cool. I love it so much that my exterior and interior are painted Pure White.

Since my windows are really tall, I’ll have to go with motorized shades because I can’t reach high enough to pull them down.

Unfortunately, adding the motorization doubled the price of the shades! I’ll come back and share photos once the shades are installed.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Window Treatments

I’m sharing some of my very favorite modern farmhouse window treatments below. Just click a pic for more information.

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