Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

I’m searching for a modern farmhouse console table for the entryway. I’ve narrowed it down to more than a few choices and I’m sharing all my favorites today.

Believe it or not, it’s raining again. This will be the 3rd day in a row with nothing new to report on the house because of the rain. I don’t think the framers have worked a full 5-day week since the build started back in December. It’s all because of the rain. So. Much. Rain.

For me, the last few days have been spent shopping/looking at bathroom and kitchen faucets, a breakfast table, and an entryway console table.

In my current house, I don’t have a breakfast room or a foyer. You just walk right into the great room so I’m going to love having both of these spaces in my new house.

Of course, now I have to find the right breakfast table and the perfect console table.

I’ve seen beautiful benches used in place of a console table but for me, a console table is the way to go.

Since my husband and I will be using the garage entry most of the time, I don’t think a bench in the front foyer is a good fit for us.

Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

What Is A Console Table?

A console table is a fairly narrow table designed to fit against a wall or behind a sofa. They come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Console Table with a lamp and greenery

How To Choose Modern Farmhouse Console Tables


Knowing how much you want to spend will help you narrow down the choices. So, will a console table be a splurge or a steal? When you find the perfect console table, shop around.

Take your time, especially when shopping online. I was looking for a particular mirror to go in my powder room. The price of that mirror was $100 more on one site than the site I purchased it from. It pays to shop around.

Select the Correct Size

These days, a tape measure is my trusty companion. I keep one with me at all times. My foyer is 7′ 5″ x 18′ 10″ so it’s a good size.

However, the left side of the foyer is open to the dining room and staircase. So that gives me one fairly long wall to place the console table. I’ll be measuring the space to make sure I pick the correct size.

Think Outside The Box When Choosing Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

I’ve seen vintage dressers and chests used as entryway tables. Go with what you love!


Since my walls will be white, I’ll make sure to stay away from a white console table. I’m looking at light wood tones or a bold navy to add a bit of contrast to all the white walls. I’m so in love with the color navy.


Height is more important if you’re choosing a console table to sit behind a sofa. A console/sofa table should be the same height or a little lower than the sofa.


What is the purpose of your console table? If your table is going in your foyer, think about extra storage. Look for a table with drawers or open shelving. A console table is a perfect place to store keys, gloves, etc.

How To Style Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

It’s time for the fun part! After you purchase a modern farmhouse console table, it’s time to style that beautiful table.

Take your time and don’t stress. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it may take you several tries before you get the perfect (imperfectly) styled table.

There are many, many ways to style a console table. If you’re anything like me, you tend to change up your style on a regular basis.

My motto is, “Always shop your house and yard first.” You may be surprised to find that you already have all the items to dress your console table in style.

  • Style a table in threes – high, medium,  and low. It creates interest!
  • Hang artwork or a mirror above the console table to create a focal point/statement piece.
  • If you have open shelving below the top shelf, don’t forget to style that area with baskets or bins.
  • Greenery in a simple vase makes a big statement.
  • Light it up with candles or a pretty lamp.
  • Remember, when styling a console table, less is more.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Console Tables

Click the pics down below to shop straight from this post. Which one is your favorite?

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2 thoughts on “Modern Farmhouse Console Tables”

  1. I’m very interested in the finding out where I can purchase the modern farmhouse table you’re highlighting in your page. I too search many places and websites in hopes to find exactly what would be the perfect fit for my entry – I love this table. Can you share where you found this one? Much appreciated, JoAnne

    1. Sadly, it’s no longer available on Wayfair. I don’t know if it has been discontinued or is on backorder. You could save the photo and upload it onto Wayfair’s website and see if something similar pops up or you can contact Wayfair and ask them about it. These days there are so many items out of stock or no longer available. I love that table, too!