Farmhouse Bar And Counter Stools

When we were building our new house, it took a while for me to choose the perfect counter stools. I love the ones I ended up purchasing. Difference Between Bar and Counter Stools Forgive me, but I tend to call them all bar stools. However, there is a height difference between the two. Counter Height… Continue Reading Farmhouse Bar And Counter Stools

Quartzite Countertops

Everything seemed to be slowly moving along with our new build until bam! We now have our quartzite countertops in! Our white oak hardwood floors are being stained this week and our driveway/walkway was poured yesterday. I’ll share more about the floors and the driveway next week. Things are getting real over at Woodside Haven… Continue Reading Quartzite Countertops

Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Colors

October has been crazy busy with the new house, soccer games (we, I mean, the grandkids are in the state playoffs!) and so much more. The kitchen cabinets are being installed so today I’m sharing my favorite kitchen cabinet colors. It doesn’t look like we will be in the house by November. I really hope… Continue Reading Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances

This post, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances, contains affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. If you’ve been keeping up with the home building industry, you probably know that most kitchen appliances are on backorder. Today I’m sharing my favorite modern farmhouse kitchen appliances, my huge refrigerator mistake, and an… Continue Reading Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Appliances