Fall Favorites For The Home 2021

Yes, it’s August. Yes, it’s extremely hot outside (high of 93º today!). However, it looks like it will be well into fall before our new house is finished so I’m sharing all my fall favorites today.

Fall Decor Trends - Fall Decorating featuring pumpkins and autumn leaves

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Before we jump straight into fall, it’s time for another update on where we are on the house.

Update On Our New Modern Farmhouse Build

The trim guy is almost done with the window trim/casing, the baseboard, and the crown. He works alone and he works hard.

trim and window casing around a large window

I’m doing a little something different with the dining room and David (the trim guy) worked something up for me to see. It wasn’t what I wanted so back to the drawing board he went.

Helpful Tip: Don’t settle just because the contractor thinks it will do. You are the one who will have to live with your choices.

I’ve found that many of the subcontractors are awesome when it comes to their trade, but not so good at design. Does that make sense?

Some contractors are used to doing things one way – their way – so photos really help get my point across.

The Stairs

The red oak treads for the stairs are in and I’m beyond excited to see how the stairs are going to look.

We have two sets of stairs. One set goes to the bonus room. It’s a straight set of stairs. Just a normal staircase.

The main staircase in the front entryway will be so beautiful.

On the house plans, it was supposed to be a curved staircase. It looked way too formal for me so I had the architect change it to an L-shaped staircase.

When I told my builder that it was a curved staircase originally, he said thank God you changed it. Not only are they more expensive to build but there are not many framers around here who know how to build curved staircases.

Cement Board Siding

I was kind of heartbroken to learn that (in our area) James Hardie Board is on backorder. It won’t be available for at least 10-12 weeks. Since the siding guy will be here next week, Hardie Board is not happening.

So, we’re going with Nichiha cement board siding. It was also on backorder. Our builder finally found just enough for our house at a local builder’s supply place. Yay!

All is well!

What’s Trending For Fall?

Earth Colors are trendy right now and they are perfect for fall. Think tan, taupe, terracotta, deep green – are all perfect for fall.

Plaid and checks never go out of style. If you’re like me and have lots of plaids in your fall decor stash, don’t forget to incorporate those patterns in your fall decor.

Lots of texture – To make a room feel cozy and ready for fall, add a lot of texture with pillows and chunky throws in fall colors.

Wicker, rattan, and cane may have you thinking summer, but they add an organic texture to your decor. And I happen to love all things cane, rattan, and wicker.

Fall Favorites For The Home

I hope our new farmhouse is completed by October. If not October, I really want to be in our new house by early November.

Meanwhile, I’m decorating for fall – at least in my mind. Below are some of my fall favorites. If you see something you like, click on the pic and shop straight from this post.

Happy fall, y’all! Too soon? Yeah.

If you love to entertain, check out this Harvest Pumpkin collection. It’s so beautiful!


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