Best Modern Farmhouse Benches

Best Modern Farmhouse Benches

Even though the framing continues, I’ve already got a couple of places in mind that I think might be the perfect spot for a modern farmhouse bench. At the end of this post, I’m sharing all the best modern farmhouse benches, so keep reading.

Update on New House Build

Is it just me or does it seem like it’s taking a really long time to frame our new house? I’m happy to announce that the framers started on the OSB boards on top. I think you call this roof decking. I’m not 100% sure so correct me if I’m wrong.

photo of three car garage being framed with OSB boards going in on top

The sun was shining yesterday with a high of 88! I mean, we almost hit 90 and we’re barely into April.

Best Modern Farmhouse Benches

modern farmhouse entry wood bench in foyer

I can’t wait to have a foyer! I don’t have one in my current home. You just walk right into the great room.

My plans are to have a console table right inside the front entry. I’m really liking this console table. I love how reasonably priced it is. The size is a big plus as well.

The foyer is 7-5′ x 18-10′ so it’s a large space. When you walk in the front door, on the left is the dining room, then the main staircase and after walking past the staircase there’s a wall that’s not very long right before you step into the open great room/kitchen/breakfast room area. It’s the perfect place for a bench.

You can also put a bench at the foot of a bed, in the living room for extra seating, at the dining room table, or in front of a large window.

Tips For Buying A Modern Farmhouse Bench

Don’t forget to measure your space and measure the bench before purchasing! This step is so important and I may have skipped over this step when I was young and had no sense. Just kidding about not having any sense.

Make sure the bench matches your personal style and that you absolutely love it. I’m at a point in life that if I don’t love, love, love a piece of furniture, I skip it. No more of well, it will do or it’s okay. No, I have to love it.

I’m going to have a few coastal touches in my modern farmhouse so I could also go in that direction.

Don’t worry if you have limited space. The best modern farmhouse benches come in different sizes and you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

My Favorite Benches

For more info and to shop this post, just click on a pic below. I hope you find the bench of your dreams!

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wooden bench in a foyer

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