Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards

Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards

I have a thing for cutting boards. Even before they became the perfect backdrop for all the Instagram-worthy kitchen photos. I’m sharing all the best Modern Farmhouse Cutting boards today.

Psst: You can find all my faves linked at the end of this post. I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. 

Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards styled behind a cooktop

How The Modern Farmhouse Build Is Going

It’s going! Y’all, they are still framing the house and last week (the week before Easter 2021) the framers got a full week in. Yipee!

I am intrigued by all the different roof peaks and I kinda hate to see it all covered up with a roof, but it has to be done. 🙂

Here is a photo from the back of the house. I took it with my phone and it has not been edited nor does it have a filter. That blue sky gives me all the feels. The blue dumpster on the left, not so much.

the back of the house highlighting the framing peaks

 We’re In The Process of Choosing Flooring

My husband and I are in the process of picking the flooring for our home. Because this is a custom house, we are not bound by what the builder offers (like a choice between engineered hardwood or tile) like production houses or semi-custom houses are.

Sometimes I think it’s easier to have to choose between this, this, or this instead of the world is your oyster, girl, go out and find whatever kind of flooring you like (but you do have to pay the difference if it goes over the flooring allowance!)

The engineered hardwood floors I had settled on were suddenly discontinued so it was back to the drawing board.

A few months ago, over on Instagram, I noticed a pattern. Everyone was posting that they had found their perfect LVP flooring.

I had no clue what LVP was so of course I googled it. It’s Luxury Vinyl Planks. So, I started researching and am currently on the fence about the flooring. Just like with any flooring, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly.

For now, I’ve decided to stick to hardwood. I’ll let you know if that changes.

By the way, if you want to keep up with the day-to-day goings-on over at Woodside Haven (aka my new house build) then follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow you back! That’s where I keep a daily account of all things happening at the new build.

Back To Best Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards

Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards

I have several wooden cutting boards that I actually use pretty much every single day. This past Christmas, daughter #2 gave me a cutting board with one of my mom’s handwritten recipes right there on the board. I won’t lie. I cried.

My mom graduated to heaven in May of 2016 so it means the world to me. And it’s for looks only. I’m waiting until I get in my new home to unwrap the plastic protective covering.

Cutting boards can be used to put together charcuterie boards, cheese boards, or just for looks.

How To Care for Wooden Cutting Boards

I’ve learned a few things over the years about caring for my wooden cutting boards.

Wash your cutting board with soap and water after use and dry completely with a lint-free cloth. Don’t forget the sides and the bottom.

Helpful Tip:  Always use different boards for chopping vegetables and slicing meat. I actually don’t use a wooden board for meat. I use a heavy plastic one.

A couple of times a month, do the following:

After washing the board, dry with a clean cloth and let it dry thoroughly overnight (stand it on the side to let dry!)

The next morning, apply a layer of food-safe mineral oil over the top, sides, and bottom of the cutting board. Let the oil soak into the board for an hour or two. Once again, stand the cutting board on its side.

Now it’s time to apply a butcher block cream to help protect and seal the cutting board from moisture.

Use a lint-free cloth to apply the cream over the entire cutting board – front, back, and sides. Prop on the side and let sit overnight.

The next morning, use a lint-free cloth to buff and polish the cutting board. That’s it!

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Cutting Boards

Do you need a for-real cutting board or is it just going to be for looks? Looking for a board to showcase your charcuterie (aka meat and cheese board)?  Whatever you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered.

Click on the pics below for more details and to order your favorite cutting boards!

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